08 June 2012

May TV: The Good

For anyone that has met me you will know that in addition to being obsessed with books, I am also obsessed with TV shows. I particularly like American TV shows, and I love shows with characters who are privileged high school students or who are transplanted somewhere out of their comfort zone. Mostly I will watch anything as long as there are a few hot guys for me to drool over.

This month we have been seeing the season end for a number of shows, and the actual end for a couple. So over the next few days I will share are my thoughts on what I saw as the good, the bad and the downright awful.

First The Good:

Hart of Dixie
Hart of Dixie Season 1
Our very own Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson) from the OC is all grown up and finally found her path! She did not continue on the eco-warrior track, instead she is now a doctor called Zoe Hart. That's right and not only that, she's a surgeon, only problem is that to get the fellowship she wants she needs to improve her bedside manner and is told to spend some time working as a G.P. Where better to do this than a million miles away from New York City, where she lives, and uproot to Bluebell Alabama.

In Bluebell she meets the resident mean girl Lemon Breeland (Jamie Fox) and mayor Lavon Hayes, or as I like to think of him Mr Miranda Bailey (Cress Williams) from Grey's Anatomy!! Any good CW show would not be complete without some guy-candy to drool over, and who is that I see over there? Is that Street (Scott Porter) from Friday Night Lights? Why yes it is and he has managed to get up out his wheelchair to be all hot and sexy as the small town layer. I have saved the best for last, we have the delicious Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel). I don't actually recognise him from anything else however he has quite an extensive IMDB page and even appeared in an episode of the OC!! Here is a sample of some of his skills...

The premise for this show is quite simple with the girl from New York being transplanted to a small town in Alabama. For me the balance of medical problems and the everyday dramas was just right. Top that off with Zoe's Dad being the awesome Gary Cole and you have a winner for me. The series has just finished their first season in the US and let me tell you it was an amazing ending. I had to watch it a couple of times, you know just to check I had not missed anything. I almost melted my eyeballs out!! I am so happy that this has been picked up for a second season, but did the CW really have to leave us hanging?

Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl Season 5

Oh lordy... what a season. There was so much going on that one week this would be on the good list, then the awful list and then the list of programmes that are so bad, they are kind of amazing! I feel that Gossip Girl just managed to scrape itself onto the good list. This season caused a few heated discussions in the office and some amazingly hilarious impressions of Elizabeth Hurley building her "media empire". I do hope we see her again next season.

Trying to list everything that happened to each character this season was quite a challenge so I will highlight my favourite things. Blair had her wild romance with a random prince and became a princess for about 5 minutes before running of with Dan. This was shortly after Dan wrote a book, published his book and sold the movie rights, all to have it wash down the drain and lose him all of his friends (for 5 minutes). Before the wedding pregnant Blair and Chuck were going to run away together and were in a car accident. Poor Blair lost her baby and Chuck was in a coma (for 5 minutes).

Georgina Sparks
My favourite ever character, Dawn Summers, sorry I mean Harriet the Spy, no that's not it, I mean Georgina Sparks, came back!! She showed up as Gossip Girl and was totally awesome before deciding it was too much for her and handing over the honour to Serena who was Gossip Girl for 5 minutes and messed up everyone's life. Grandma Van Der Woodsen (Cece Rhodes) passed away after being conned into thinking that Ivy-Charlie was her granddaughter. Lola-Charlie turned up in the hospital and ruined all that!! Nate tried to run a media empire while Elizabeth Hurley danced around him in some very revealing dresses and running her prostitution ring on the side. The whole season finished with Serena running away to become a coke head and Blair running off with Chuck!! The whole thing is so fantastical it's amazeballs! I am actually pleased that next season is the last, this craziness needs to be over, but am I the only one who misses Jenny?

The Vampire Diaries
The Vampire Diaries Season 3

You have to love the CW for their amazing programming, and as crazy as The Vampire Diaries gets I just love watching it!! I think the cast is what makes this such a joy for me, I just love watching my husband, sorry, I mean Ian Somerhalder working. Ever since watching Young Americans (anyone else love that programme?) I have been a little in awe of him. No man should be that pretty!! Sometimes some of the yummy yummy eye candy also get lines that just make you want to slow clap for them.

This season has held a few treats for us. One being The Originals. I love them, even the creepy ones!! We have the parents; psychopathic vampire – vampire hunter, Michael and psychopathic witch – I want to kill my kids, Esther. Speaking of Esther’s darling children, we have; psychopathic Klaus, psychopathic Rebekah, not so psychopathic Elijah, and the unimpressive Kol and Finn (did they do anything other than die?). I think I have a bit of a crush on Elijah and in my opinion he could have been given much more screen time! We also found out that when the Originals are killed with the magic stakes EVERY SINGLE vampire from their bloodline dies!! NOOOOO!! This gives us a few problems as killing off the psychopathic kids could result in the death of one of my beloved pretty people... as long as it is not Sefan, Damon or Tyler!

Alaric was wonderfully tragic this season and his demise made me weep, how could they kill off such an awesome vampire hunter? I know he was half evil but he was also awesome when he was evil! Elena sent Jeremy away (no Jeremy come back) and then she came to her senses and brought him back. Through Jeremy’s Ghost Whisperer style powers we also had a lovely little visit from Rose! Rose, we missed you and it must be nice being a Vampire again away from all of those zombies!!

Rebekah looks bored torturing Damon
Finally Elena made the right choice and chose Damon (thank god!), well they had a pretty good snog anyway. Damon... we had a good few topless incidents, what a shame his shirt is torn off so much! I found Stefan to be rather annoying this season and wished he would go away so that Elena could get it on with Damon! I guess the producers realised that he was annoying and brought his real life wife in as Dr. Meredith Fell, or as I like to refer to her Pregnant sister from Pretty Little Liars!! To top off the season we had Elena turning vampire on us!! I have enjoyed this season so much which was enriched with the amazing episode recaps over at Forever Young Adult, I bow to them. I can't wait to see what is in store for next season, I am hoping for a lot more naked Damon action.

GCB Season 1

I am so sad this has been cut down in its prime. This series was everything I dreamed that Texas is. Big and showy and full of kickass women including the pint sized Kristin Chenoweth. Unfortunately the powers that be have decided to cancel this after only 1 season so we will never know what will happen between Amanda (Leslie Bibb) and the hot priest. Will Carlene (Chenoweth) ever get her affordable houses for Christian living off the ground? How many purses does Gigi (Annie Potts) store her guns in? And has Sharon (Jennifer Aspen) really lost control of "Eating With Jesus"? How is business going at the Booby Barn?

The Good Christian Bitches
I am sad, so I will leave you with the above awesome picture while I go off, cry for a while and try to buy the book online.

Feel free to have you own say below! Next up the programs I thought were just plain bad...