14 January 2016

Welcome to The OC, the beginning!

I love a whatsapp group conversation that just starts to spiral into weird. On Tuesday night this week we began a conversation where someone had made a recipient called "Trailer Park Pie" and had too much so was inviting us to join in the eating. Through a series of links, a little while later this had led to 4 of us agreeing to do a group rewatch and discussion of The OC. 

We have a viewing schedule of 1 episode per night (this gives the chance to do an omnibus style catchup at the weekend if needed) and a brand new whatsapp group set up where we can discuss the episodes called "Welcome to the OC, bitch!" And it all starts on Friday... Probably!

This is our public forum to share our discussions / arguments on a number of topics such as: 

Rich people problems
Kiki's drink watch
Fashion crimes
Julie Cooper evil bitch
Self ritcheous rantings of Sandy Choen
What to eat in The OC
Pop culture by Seth
Uh oh, who is Julie sleeping with now?
Ryan's roots
The JCNC shade
When the music meets the story

So much drama coming... We can't wait!