20 June 2011

Review: The Iron Witch by Karen Mahoney

Title: The Iron Witch
Author: Karen Mahoney
Publisher: Flux
Published: 20th January 2011
Series: The Iron Witch #1
Source: Own Copy

Freak. That's what her classmates call seventeen-year-old Donna Underwood. When she was seven, a horrific fey attack killed her father and drove her mother mad. Donna's own nearly fatal injuries from the assault were fixed by magic—the iron tattoos branding her hands and arms. The child of alchemists, Donna feels cursed by the magical heritage that destroyed her parents and any chance she had for a normal life. The only thing that keeps her sane and grounded is her relationship with her best friend, Navin Sharma.When the darkest outcasts of Faerie—the vicious wood elves—abduct Navin, Donna finally has to accept her role in the centuries old war between the humans and the fey. Assisted by Xan, a gorgeous half-fey dropout with secrets of his own, Donna races to save her friend—even if it means betraying everything her parents and the alchemist community fought to the death to protect.

I managed to read through The Iron Witch in almost one sitting. I enjoyed being brought into the world Karen Mahoney created full of Faeries living in both our world and their own. I found this a very easy read, possibly aimed at a younger audience.

For me I think we quickly get to know Donna and her character. Quite early on we get an understanding of Donna, her iron "tattoos" and the unique abilities it brings. There are some secondary characters which are well written however could use a little more rounding and depth. Navin and Xan are interesting, but for me could use a little a little more rounding.

The main thread of the story, with the kidnapping of Navin, was a good idea. It also put Donna in some tricky situations where she had a seemingly impossible situation. In my opinion some of these tasks were accomplished a bit too easily which felt a little anti-climactic. I think this is a great book for a younger audience and I'm looking forward to reading the others in the series.

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