26 August 2012

I am still here, I swear!!

Hello, is anyone still out there? I have been very absent recently, not because I don't love you all, I have just been really busy and something was going to suffer... well a few things suffered, but let's not dwell on all of the things I've not got round to doing in the past few months.

So you may well ask what I have been doing to keep myself so busy. What an excellent question, and one I was hoping you wouldn't ask!!

After a very successful run as assistant director on Six Degrees of Separation, I was approached to be AD on another two projects. The first of which was Nobody Will Ever Forgive Us which ran for a week in the Edinburgh Fringe.

Nobody Will Ever Forgive Us

"I was in this very room at my wits' end when I heard buzzing and there was a wasp trying to get out of that window. You know how I can't stand wasps. So I opened the window as wide as I could but it just kept bumping up and down the glass...How could it comprehend me, whose brain is hundreds of times the size of its whole body? How do you know you're not bumping against the glass?"
A family thrown together with a secret they'd rather forget.
So Dad drinks. Mum and daughter Cath pop pills. Their youngest son, Patrick, finds god. And their youngest son, Johnny, finds snooker.

But when the secrets are dug up, there's nowhere to hide.
Premiered at the Traverse in 2008 and written by leading Scottish actor turned writer, Paul Higgins, Nobody Will Ever Forgive Us is a darkly comic look at a family under siege.
In an endles quest for meaning, where do you turn when you can't forgive yourself?

We were over the moon to find out that, not only did this play go down really well, but we won an award for it!! Yay! You can read about us winning the "Spirit Of The Fringe Award" here.

My next project (which may be my last so I can rest) will be Richard III set in the 1930's. Work has only just started on this and I am finding it all very exciting. I will keep you updated on this as we make progress.

The other thing taking up my time over the last few weeks was a well needed holiday to Barcelona. Me and my amazing best friend (commonly referred to as my wife!) spent 10 days splitting our time between visiting friends in Barcelona and laying on the beach in Salou. We were lucky visiting our friend in Barcelona while the Gracia Festival was in full swing. This is where the streets of Gracia are decorated and all compete to be the best. There is also live music at night with different bands playing in every street and mojitos being served out of the windows of the bars until the wee hours of the morning. I think we called it a night (or passed out) a little after 4am. To see some pictures you can check out my best friend Bug's website at Style over Sense, or check out the ones I have posted below.

Catch up with you all soon!!

Me and my BFF

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