19 September 2012

Revolution S01E01: Pilot

After watching the first episode of Revolution last night I felt that I really wanted to get my feelings about it down and share them with you all. I received a text from my fellow TV addict and friend while I was out this evening saying that "OK, Revolution is ace. The Dad from Twilight is amazing!" Scott, I am impressed that you knew he was the Dad from Twilight!! Also a recommendation from Scott is usually a guaranteed win, so I watched it as soon as I was in my front door!

I knew that there was a new TV show coming out that JJ Abrams was involved in, but I had no idea what it was or what it would be about. I have to admit that I have never been a huge fan of Elizabeth Mitchell, so I started off a little bit weary. As soon as all of the electronics shut down however I started to feel the dread building in the pit of my stomach (because lets face it I would last 2 seconds without electricity) and I knew I had to keep watching. Also by this time we had caught a glimpse of Mr Hot Australian Doctor from ER (or him that was in the show with the Cape that no one watched (except for you and me Scott!!)) and there was no way I was turning it off, I had to know if he survived... did he get hit by a rogue plane falling from the sky?

Tracy Spiridakos
So we know that this is set 15 years after the blackout which gives all of the characters time to find their place in this new society. Quickly we are introduced to the main character who is an adventurous, risk taking girl, who is reminiscent of some of my favourite YA heroines. I could see elements of Tris from Divergent in the character of Charlie, who is played by Tracy Spiridakos. This character seems totally flawed in that she is a bit flighty, emotional and a bit of a bitch to her Dad's girlfriend... I like her. She has been given the weighty task of traveling to Chicago to find her Uncle who in turn will help to find her brother who has been kidnapped by the militia.

This is a fairly simple sounding task, but in a world where society's have crumbled and we are left with a certain lawlessness that is reminiscent of Deadwood, this is a daunting task. My one annoyance about the pilot episode was how little bother they had travelling from their little village to a heavily populated city. Even in Firefly, where there was some semblance of a governing body, making a trip across SPACE (I mean there is loads of it) was really risky. Also we all know growing up with ANY of the versions of Robin Hood that there are, travelling through the forest is dangerous, they hide in the bushes... I'm not sure who, just gangs of outlaws. Also I'm not good at geography, and it seemed at the beginning that they might live close to Chicago, but they got there very fast. A couple of days and they were there, around all the obstacles like flooded lakes, roads broken and unusable due to disrepair and broken bridges. It seemed like and easy journey, if it was going to be so east why had no one gone before now?
You're Welcome!

With all this said I loved it, there was the dystopian society where everyone is back to the dark ages and the storyline of fighting for your family's honor,. I also did not mind Billy Burke's awesome and crazy re-enaction of The Bride fighting the Crazy 88 in Kill Bill. He is a total badass with a sword. Oh yeah, there were also the scenes with Billy Burke in candle light and Billy Burke making some kind of moonshine... he is my kind of man!!

I am looking forward to seeing where the story goes next now that we are set up ready to get stuck in to some good plot arcs. I certainly already have some questions I want answered and I am sure there will be more as this goes on. I hope the rest of the series lives up to the pilot.

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