08 August 2011

New Book and Story Experience

I was sent an email recently regarding a new project from Michael Grant, the author of the Gone Series.

Michael Grant has a new series of books coming out this winter. The really interesting thing about this project is that it has been conceived as a book AND a "transmedia" project. This means that some aspects of the story will be interactive and told through dedicated blogs, video, puzzles and user interaction. I am quite intrigued to be part of the action. There are already 2 blogs which have been set up to give the background. These blogs are societytwins.com and nexushumanus.com. They are still in their infancy but there is still loads of content to explore.

Here is a taste from the society twins blog to peak your interest -

Hi everyone. We’re Sophie and Sylvie Morgenstein, just your run-of-the-mill identical twins… and no, this isn’t one of those sites so get your mind out of the gutter. You know who you are.
We could be modest and say we’re pretty average, if you consider growing up with a father on the UN Security Council and a genius mother with blue in her veins “average.” Not that her side of the family is still Rockefeller rich or something, but we’re not exactly down town, either. It can be embarrassing, you know, having to explain all this to new people so we wanted to get that out of the way.
Anyway, this site is really for our brother. We’re sure you could care less about our plans for school. We probably wouldn’t care either if it wasn’t us who’s going. But Davis is another story.

Can I just say I think Sophie is adorable!! I will be keeping a close eye on these blogs!

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