01 May 2012

Farewell Emma's Kindle 1.0 - I will miss you!

Picture the scene: it was 11pm last night and it was particularly cold. I have just put on the kettle to make some herbal tea to drink while I read in bed. I pull my kindle out of my bag and flick the switch to read while I get organised. What did I see? Not a whole lot of anything!!! My poor kindle screen had frozen and nothing suggested on the kindle help page was making any difference!!

My Poor Broken Kindle

After asking my clever technical sister if this was something she could fix, she told me it sounded like it was truly passed it and suggested that I call Amazon. What a helpful phone all I had. It was confirmed that my kindle was beyond fixing and that I was about 6 months out of my warranty period. *sad face* 

All was not lost however, Mr Amazon offered to replace my broken kindle for the exact same model for £50. That is £100 off what I would have had to pay for the same again. YAY!! I use my kindle almost every day and I am going through withdrawals!!

Now I only have to wait until Tuesday for delivery (silly May Day holiday!!), so all that is left for me now is to choose a pretty new skin for Emma's Kindle 2.0!


  1. Where do you get your skins from? I'm thinking of grabbing one for mine and have been looking at Decal Girl. There are some really nice ones there.

    Anyway, so sorry to hear that yours broke, but I am glad that you will be able to get a new one.

    Happy reading!

    1. Hi Kathy,

      I bought my skin from Amazon, I am a bit clumsy so I was happy this would stop scratches. You can also have a look on gelaskins.com. I have been lusting after a few on there!!

      I can't wait for my new one to arrive now!! Thanks for reading, Emma :)

  2. what skin did you ultimately get?

    1. I am still trying to decide! I will have to post my choices here and see what people think! :)