21 May 2012

Give me some skin!!

As you may know Emma's Kindle 1.0 is no longer. Emma's Kindle 2.0 was delivered recently and it is lovely and new, but I think it is missing something. I have loaded it with all the books I had on before (plus a few extras!!) and now I am looking for a new kindle skin to personalise it.

There are so many online that I feel spoiled for choice. There is one site that has skins that I just love and has masses of choice, Gelaskins.com. I just wish that the postage to the UK was a little more affordable. Now all I have to do is chose one I like. I am doing well, I have managed to narrow it down to my top 10 so far and I thought that I would share these with you and see what you think of my choices.

So here are my top 10 skins...

Digitalis by Andy Gilmore

Intermezzo by Andy Gilmore

Bull Fight Her by Brian Viveros

Cherry Pie by Cosmo Cricket

Winona by Cosmo Cricket

Graffiti Skyline by Derek Prospero

Monad by Joan Saló

Skull Damask by Michael Miller

Cable Cranes by Nanami Cowdroy

Facade by Warren Mack
All of the above and more can be found at www.gelaskins.com.

So let me know what you think. Do you have any favourites from above?


  1. I love the Cranes one, after that is the skulls :D

  2. I think that it is interesting that you have so many different types of skins listed. I really do need to get one for my Kindle. I meant to ages ago and never got around to it.

  3. Love the Skull Damask design! Wish it came in a mint or light pink.

  4. I love GelaSkins, that's where I got mine from :) Shipping is pricey, though. I live in Hungary so it cost me.. well.. a lot. But it was worth it!

    Out of these ten, I think I prefer the first one. :)

  5. Ooh, yes, the skulls or the girly.

    Bug @ STYLEoverSENSE

    PS - this was only 4 days ago missus! I have hardly been at the PC this week!

  6. Skull Damask, Winona or Bull Fighter - for my two cents. :D