18 February 2013

Running Thoughts: The Walking Dead 3x10

My mental vomiting of thoughts while watching the walking dead continues. I want to share my thoughts on the latest episode of The Walking Dead with my buddy "Sheriff Claw" and all of you...

If you have not seen this episode yet, do not read on, lots of spoilers ahead for episode 3x10

The Walking Dead 3x10 - "Home"

Tonight's recap might be a little shorter than usual as I am just back from the gym and my trainer ran me into the ground tonight. I think he broke all the muscles in my shoulders, but hey when the zombie apocalypse comes I will be ahead of the curve! I had a very vivid dream about zombies last night and I know from that completely made up experience that I will need all the help I can get!

This episode started very nice and calm with Rick checking over the grounds with his binoculars. It looks a bit like Michonne is living, or at least taking shelter in an overturned bus. Rick is clearly still having the mental breakdown that he was having at the end of the last episode as he sees Lori standing looking at, what I can assume, is her grave. When he tries to chase after her she disappears and reappears on the other side of the fence. Rick starts to unlock all of the gates so that he can follow her outside. Michonne, in her usual calm and collected self, is watching him and very sensibly closes the gates after him, not trying to talk to him or question him about what he is doing. I really think he needs someone like that looking out for him and letting him get on with processing everything. Rick finally catches up to ghost Lori, and I'm surprised that it is actually her. I assumed from the bad lighting in the last episode that they could not actually get Sarah Wayne Callies to make an appearance.

Credits... creepy!

Damnit! Woodbury is still standing. There are a number of young guys guarding the front of the town. Are we supposed to believe that in a town like this they have people standing this close to each other all the the way round guarding all directions? I would guess they don't have that many people. Stupid Andrea is being visited by One-Eye-Mcgee, sorry the Guv, and he is refusing to let Andrea go and see the others at the prison because he thinks that she should stay and run the town. He is admitting that everything he has done was for Penny and now he needs time to get himself back together. I think he needs time perfecting his psychotic tenancies!

Yay, the Dixon brothers and Merle is, as usual, being a total dick and undermining his amazing little brother. Listen to him Merle, it's not like he was in a sweet cult, he looked after himself! Daryl just wants everyone back together and getting along, it;s very sweet and makes me like him more... and then he spits! Seriously!

So it looks like this lot have it a bit more together, trying to work out where the weak parts of the prison are. I like they way they are working all of this, teamwork and chalk. Michonne starts contributing to the conversation, and what does she decide to bring up? The heads in the fish tanks!! Well now Glen is hatching plans to go in and kill the Guv in his sleep. This can only lead to trouble and now Michonne has agreed to go with him. Hershel is trying to talk some sense into Glen, and I do see Glen's point that they are in a slightly weaker position now, so running is not an option. Looks like Michonne has been accepted by everyone except Rick now! Yay, happy dance.

The Guv and the Doc are discussing if the Doc is considering leaving. This has all suddenly turned into a conversation about loyalty, and everyone still believes Merle betrayed them and they are questioning if Andrea is loyal too. Just kick her out and be done with it!

Andrea is questioning someone on the wall that looks very familiar. I think she may have been someone's mother in something I have seen recently, gah, now I am going to have to look it up. No bother I will do it while the Doc and Andrea have a pointless conversation about where the Guv is. Nope, can't find her... yet.

It looks like the walkers have broken through a perimeter and the prison is slowly being over run by walkers again. Glen is going to do a drive by to see what the rest of the prison looks like and he is going to take Maggie. When he goes to look for her they have a conversation and it seems that Glen stills thinks Maggie was raped by the Guv and that is probably what is fuelling all his rage towards the Guv and Maggie. Aw man, I really like Glen and Maggie as a couple.

Bahhhahaha, it seems that Axel is in prison for robbing a store with a toy gun and was then set up. Carol gives him a badass gal's lesson in guns. She is my favourite character now. Awesome!

The Dixon brother's are annoying me as it reminds me a lot of me and my sister and they need to just lay off each other. Dudes, there are new people on the bridge. They may die in a minute, but it is still super exciting. Merle does not want to help, but Daryl the hero does! Daryl is super cool at killing the walkers and sweeping in where needed, I also think he get's walker kill of the week. When pulling a walker out of the boot of a car, he utitlises all functionality of the model by slamming the car boot on the walker's head and smushing it all to bits!! Amazing! Then he stabs one in the face! Racist Merle is back out to play when stealing from the Mexican family they just rescued! Daryl finally realises how much he has changed (for the better) being without Merle and Daryl lets the family go. Daryl then tells Merle some home truths and they bond and finally Daryl goes back to the prison where he belongs! So long Merle! - No don't follow Daryl! Damn!

Hershel is trying to psychoanalyse Glen and get him to realise that he is not to blame for any of it, but he can't run off on his own. It seems like everyone is trying to battle personal demons in this episode!

Beth uses some good old baby therapy to get Maggie to be a useful person again.

Rick is running round the perimeter looking for dead Lori and Hershel is trying to call him back inside by telling Rick how much the camp is falling apart without him. There is then, possibly my favourite piece of Walking Dead dialogue to date, it might even beat out "he threw a walker at me". Hershel asks Rick what he is doing out there to which Rick replies: "I've been.. I've got... stuff out here... stuff"
It is the kind of response you give when someone walks in on you doing private... stuff! Lol! Rick finally tells Hershel that he has been seeing Lori and Shane and Hershel takes this like the awesome guy he is and tries to get Rick in to rest and have a cup of tea.

I really like Axel. I think we are finally getting to know a bit about him and see him as a person and not just a potential threat on the fringe of the group. I think that Axel and Carol are quite cute together. Funny guy too! And I spoke too soon. Of course they gave him more dialogue, they were planning to kill him off!! I should have seen the signs! And it was the Guv, that guy is such a dick!

Shit, so much just happened that I am going to have to watch it a second time... Everyone pretty much hits the ground as soon as the shooting starts, and Carol has to use Axel's body as a shield. Everyone seems to be missing everyone else, except for Axel's body, which is being shot to shit! Maggie comes running out with more guns and they get Carol to cover. Everyone then pauses when they hear the sound of a vehicle coming up fast, and it is some kind of truck that crashes through the gates. Fuck me, I was hoping it would be Daryl coming to save the day, but instead it is the walker version of a trojan horse! Walkers are pouring into the yard where Hershel is hiding. We all know dude is getting better with one leg, but I'm not sure he can outrun the Walkers. Looks like Rick is going to get fucked up by some walkers and it looks rather dicey for a minute, and then the Dixons are back - Rick is saved (for the moment). Michonne is single handedly taking out all the Walkers with her katana so that she and Glen can go and get Hershel.

We end on Daryl, Merle and Rick outside with everyone else safely inside.

Next time... Carl steps up, Andre finds her balls, Merle is in, Carol loves Daryl (don't we all?), Ricktatorship could be over, Andrea gets a pet, Michonne does not look happy and Merle brigs back his sword hand! Oh yeah and there is a close up of the Guv's mangled eye hole!

Kill of the week: Daryl, smashing the head in the car boot
Bitch of the week: Andrea and Lori (still fucking Rick up even after her death!)

Now that was the kind of episode I love. It was well paced and then raced towards the end. I also did not expect a lot of the end action so I was caught off guard and that does not often happen. I can't wait for next week.

All pictures via amctv.com

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