12 February 2013

Running Thoughts - The Walking Dead 3x09

My mental vomiting of thoughts while watching the walking dead continues. I want to share my thoughts on the latest episode of The Walking Dead with my buddy "Sheriff Claw" and all of you...

If you have not seen this episode yet, do not read on, lots of spoilers ahead for episode 3x09

The Walking Dead 3x09 - "The Suicide Kings"

I am so excited, I just can't tell you! For a while it looked like I was going to have a rehearsal tonight and I would have to wait until late tonight to be able to watch this episode, but due to some general "fuckwittery" on the part of people who were supposed to have our new premises ready for us today, I have a free night! Hazzah!! So my dinner is on the stove simmering and I am ready to watch and share my thoughts!

Previously - Naked Maggie, glen, Carl in the prison, new folk, rescue mission, Michonne stabbing him in the eye (I forgot how gruesome it was!), Daryl staying behind, and him and Merle in the ring.

The crowd in Woodbury are screaming for death for Daryl and Merle. Who would have thought that such peaceful looking people were all such dicks. Andrea looks like she finally has some balls again trying to push past to get to Daryl shouting that he is her friend. Like all good dictators The Guv pushes the crowd to want blood and then claim that it is all out of his hands. Merle makes it look like he is going to kill Daryl to show his loyalty, but blood is thicker than water (most of the time) and Merle asks Daryl to play along. When the walkers are brought in the brothers stand together to fight... then the cavalry appears in the form of Rick, Maggie and a smoke bomb. Girl from the wall is shot dead and Andrea seems upset about this hanging about when she should be running after Daryl and Rick trying to get back to the gang. The Guv looks like he has pulled a stitch with all his anger and there is blood running down from under his bandage. He gets a pretty good kill this week with a quick pop to the head as he passes a walker.

Credits... creepy!

Still in Woodbury, the gang are about to leave, but Rick does not want to take Merle. He is being fairly brutal kicking out part of the tin wall and killing zombies with his metal stump, that they seem to just let him tag along. After they run one of the more observant walkers looks through the hole they just left in the wall the same way a kid looks at a sweet shop (if that kid was super creepy). And so starts the invasion of Woodbury. Michonne and Glen are waiting out on the road and a fair bit of time must have passed as it is daylight. When they hear the others coming there is relief and then anger at the sight of Merle. I would be pissed to see him too if I was either of them. Merle makes some lewd comments about Andrea and Michonne's relationship and Rick seems really pissed that Michonne knew Andrea and didn't mention it. You mean in all the long conversations you too have had, it never came up? Seriously it took her ages to tell people her name, don't act surprised! I never got the feeling that Michonne and Andrea had a romantic relationship. I just thought she was super intense. Did I read the whole thing wrong? Finally Rick just knocks him out. Bout time!

Back at the prison and Hershel is helping patch up the new kids on the block. They are all getting to know each other and Sasha jumps to the conclusion that Beth is the mother. Well this is awkward... We get some background info on Tyrese, Sasha, Ben and Alan. There is some good chat about breaking into or out of prison, lol! Sasha and Tyrese say that their camp was overrun. I wonder if this means it is gone for good or could be another place for everyone to go to if the prison falls. Hershel warns them not to get too comfortable since the Ricktatorship will be back in force soon.

Still in the middle of the road Maggie, Rick, Glen and Daryl are all debating who stays and goes. From what I can tell for Merle it is 3v1 to boot him and for Michonne it is 2v2. Daryl tells everyone that if they boot Merle, he is going too... Nooo... don't go! Daryl wants Rick to say bye to Carl and Little Asskicker, I am finding this all very sad! Daryl and Merle walk off into the woods together. They take Michonne back to the prison for medical attention and then a nice product placement shot of the car (still working even after the end of days!).

B-Team are taking the body of Donna out to the field to bury and they see Carl and Carol. They foolishly start spitballing ideas about how to get the weapons from the "little kid and the woman". How stupid can you be? If they were vulnerable do you think they would still be alive? You are going to get your ass handed to you son! At least Sasha and Tyrese don't want to do it. They could try acting a little less shifty round Axel and Beth, but I'm good with them. Alan and Ben - watch your back!

Watching the drive back to the prison my mind started wandering... why was there a truck in the road? Was is there when they left? Did they drive round it before but the branch was in the way? Was there a storm? So when the walker came out of the cab of the truck towards Glen I actually got a rather large shock. Damn it Emma, pay attention when watching zombies! Glen kills it with his foot! The boy has some issues. Apparently the issues are that Rick didn't murder the Guv and Glen wants him dead. Well that and Daryl and Merle are gone and I think Glen knows that they are screwed without him.

Andrea leaves the Woodbury town meeting and reports to Doc that there are 9 injured. Doc tells Andrea that the Guv is sulking, just wait until the walkers invade, you know they are just waiting round a corner until everyone is unprepared! And we have walker lift off. Yeah!! Just a few walkers have come out to feast on the fine folks of Woodbury. Andrea gets one kick ass point for not forgetting how to shoot. Bless, one of the villagers asks Andrea to do something to help the man dying. The Guv has it all under control though and shoots him in the head like a boss.

Carol and Carl have a nice little bonding moment over noise pollution and Lori. Carl feels guilty for being mean to her. I love both of these characters so much now. I couldn't stand either of them for a while, but I think they have developed nicely with layers and interest. The A-Team come back and Carl is happy, but Carol is worried when she can't see Daryl. She looks really worried and sad, and then a little heart broken when she finds out that he left and chose Merle. She really loves him and is heartbroken. This makes me super sad.

Back in the Guv's apartment and he has Rick's Sheriff gun bag out on the chair. Andrea gives him shit for being a dick, finally, but he couldn't care less. I am so ready for this whole town to be overrun by walkers and fall already. I am so over Woodbury, if I was Taylor Swift I would just write a song about it and be done, but I'm not so I will moan about how shit it is a while more. FINALLY Andrea knows about Maggie and Glen and that her group is still going! OH MY GOD she is not running away!

Aww, a nice sweet home coming with Maggie, Beth and Hershel. When Rick finds out about the B-Team he walks past them like a boss with Carl and Hershel following. If only Hershel was not such a hop-along that would have looked really cool (although he mastered hopping down the stairs like a champ!). When Rick holds the baby, looking like he has never held a baby in his life, it starts to cry and Rick looks like he is about to have an "episode"!

Everyone is in a flap because the Guv shot Richard!! Remind me who he was again... oh yeah a member of Woodbury and there for irrelevant. Andrea gives a rousing speech about how in generations they will write of this town in the history books and she uses people's names like a good politician. Isn't that write Karen (seriously they have to stop naming the walker food, just call him soon to be dead guy 1 and soon to be dead girl 4.) The Guv watched from behind the shutters and his team all look a little twitchy!

Beth and Carol talk about the pains of screaming children and then they discuss losing Daryl. Carol wonders if she could stand up to her abusive husband now. Beth, oh wondrous font of wisdom Beth, tells Carol exactly what I have been thinking. Carol would sure as hell tell her former hubby to get packing, and that they are weak without Daryl. Never a truer word has been said on this show. OMG Carol I feel your pain and I love when she tells Beth not to be pissed at Daryl... "He has his code and the world needs men like that."

We will all be pleased to know that glen has no broken bones, so will be back to his fine self within 2 episodes. Hershel thanks Glen for looking out for Maggie and tells him that he is like his own son. Aww sweet! Maggie and Glen can't look at each other. What did I miss? Is he still pissed that she didn't shoot the Guv in the arena? Get over it, I am sure your paths will cross again in a few episodes and you can get revenge then. Hershel will figure it all out to help us viewers. He tries to chip away at Maggie but she is giving nothing up.

Rick is being all creepy and asks Hershel when they can kick Michonne out. They then have a super quick summit meeting and agree that the Guv will retaliate for what has happened and that they are outgunned. Rick with all the charm of a brick wall goes in to meet the others and basically tells them to bugger off. I really think this is like a weird bluff on Rick's part as he needs them. He also seems super suspicious of how they got in like they could be spies, I guess they could? Hershel pleads for them and then Rick sees Lori's Ghost!! She is wearing a super clean white satin dress that probably represents something. Also a little tip for making friends, screaming at the ghost of your dead wife is probably not the best way to do it. Hershel does not even look remotely surprised that this is happening. Bummer, meltdown number 2!

Next time... People on a bridge, possibly Glen? Hershel knows staying in the prison is dangerous, Andrea wants to go to visit the A-Team, Hershel confronts Glen about going back, Daryl and Merle have a car, Glean and Michonne team up to be the A*-Team, Rick still crazy, Andrea still stupid, The Guv suspects Andrea, NEW PEOPLE!!

Walker kill of the week - Glen stomping the head to pulp
Bitch of the week - Andrea and Daryl (say no to your psycho brother!)

I am super happy that TWD is back, I felt a little disappointed in this episode. I felt that this was a bit of a bridging episode to get from the end of the last series to the point of this series. Nothing much happened after the fight at the beginning. I am looking forward to the series getting back to the meat of the story.

What did you think?

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