08 May 2013

Get the Remote: Dance Academy

Genre: Dance
Girly: Yes
Set in High School: Kind of – It’s a Dance Academy!!
Hot Guys: Kind of – some are on the young side!
Mystery of the week format: Nope
Currently running: Yes, 2 seasons aired so far
Status: One of the best things I have ever seen

Why you should watch it:

Cause it’s amazing!! Really though, it is an Australian show about a girl that learned to dance in the country and was accepted into the Australian Ballet Academy and quickly realizes that she is out of her depth!! Where she was the star out in the country, she struggles in the big city. Also it has FRAN from Strictly Ballroom!! Oh and this is one of the few TV shows that has made me properly ugly cry. Dance Academy is the reason that I have started a new friendship with 3 other lady-fans in the US, we all needed someone to talk about the drama and the amazingness with!! I love you girls!!

Who You May Know:
Tara Webster (Xenia Goodwin) is the main character of the whole series. She has a tendency to be a little annoying, but in the end we all end up loving her in our own ways. I have not seen her in anything else, but maybe she is big in Australia.
Kat Karamakov (Alicia Banit) is who you want to be, or be best friends with. She is weird, funny and unusually sassy. I love her. Kat screws things up by choice and by accident. She is amazing. Again I have never seen her in anything else.
Abigail Armstrong (Dena Kaplan) is the mean girl of the show and will be the character that you will love to hate. To be honest, I love her character far more than Tara. This led me to agree with a lot of her bitchy comments.
Abigail, Tara and Kat

Sammy Lieberman (Tom Green) is the male version of Tara. He is certainly not top of the class and is just the good guy who is struggling through and trying to put in as much work as he can to make up for it. Sammy is my favorite. Like the others Tom Green has done some Home and Away, but nothing I recognise him from.
Christian Reed (Jordan Rodrigues) is the bad boy heart throb. He is only there because he has to be and he keeps everyone on their toes. I'm not a massive Christian fan myself, he's a bit too angsty for me
Ethan Karamakov (Tim Pocock) is Kat's brother and the older man on the scene. He is a 3rd year trying to get into the Australian Dance Company. I have a soft spot for Ethan. He always seems like he is too cool for everything and he bears a slight resemblance to a young Kevin Bacon.

Ethan, Sammy, Christian and Ben (Season 2)

Miss Raine (Tara Morice). Thats right, Tara Morice, AKA Fran from Strictly Ballroom. She is Australian Dancing royalty who plays the hard as nails instructor Miss Raine. I love Miss Raine, I would hate her if she was my actual teacher, but to watch on TV she is gold.

Miss Raine

Right, off you go and watch, and when you have finished and need to talk (because you will NEED to talk), you know where I will be!


  1. Sounds great. I really enjoy watching shows and movies that incorporate dance, probably due to my own lack of dancing skills :) I haven't watched many australian shows so it should be interesting! Thanks for sharing.

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