07 May 2013

Update and Technology Fail

Hello, hello!! I am back!

I have been a busy, busy girl and sadly blogging fell by the wayside. Well honestly blogging, housework, eating well, socialising, reading and seeing my family all fell by the wayside. Apart from work the past couple of months has been focused on producing my last play. With my close friend Ross we produced an amateur production of Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth. It was so much fun and a massive challenge. How often do you find yourself sitting down to discuss finding a child because your standby child just fell through or what the chances are of finding a caravan we can cut up. in the end it was all worth it to get a 5 star review which you can read here. I have also started a tumblr showing my iPhone photos from the project. Feel free to have a wee look.

So after I was finished with the play and I started feeling back to normal and ready to start reading and blogging again, not only do I pick up my kindle to find that kindle 2.0 has died on me, but that the mains lead for my laptop has also decided to stop working. But fear not, with my replacement kindle (kindle 3.0) and borrowed notebook laptop (thanks little sister) I will be back to blogging about everything that I love (or that takes my fancy).

So expect to see more frequent blog posts and chatter from me n books, TV, shoes, pretty things and anything else that takes my fancy.

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