24 February 2012

Follow Friday 8

Welcome to another Follow My Book Blog Friday. Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read.

This week's question is: Activity!!! Take a picture or describe where you love to read the most…

I read anywhere. My favourite spots have to be in bed, on my sofa or sitting at my desk during my lunch hour. I would take pictures, however I am not at home at the moment. I will update this later once I have pictures however both my bed and my sofa are covered in pillows and blankets so I can get a good snuggle on while I am reading.

What about you?

Update: I now have some pictures to share of my lovely reading spots...

My Toasty Bed
My Sloppy Sofa!


  1. I'm a couch reader. Mostly. Although if I had my choice, I'd be on a beach, with my toes in the sand reading a good book!

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    1. Yeah I love reading on the beach or beside a pool too, basking in the sun (however last time I got sand in my kindle keys!!)

      Thanks for the follow, following back!! :)

  2. I second that, Jamie!! Im a couch and bed reader, in silence :)

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    1. Yeah, I need silence to read too!!

      Thanks for the follow, following back!

      Emma @ Lost in a YA book

  3. I third it! Couch reader ;) Great answer.

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    1. I will need to get a picture up of my couch later!! Thanks for the follow, following back!! Happy Friday!

  4. Hi Emma! Just stopping in to say that I'm definitely a swing reader (in the summer), but in this icky in-between hot and cold weather, a couch will do just fine!



  5. I love your bed frame - very pretty! And that lamp beside the couch is cool! I love to read on my bed, too!

    Andrea (Old Follower) ;)
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