09 October 2013

Autumn 13: The New Shows

Yay!! It's time for the autumn schedule to start again and there are so many new shows to sink my teeth into. Unusually for me I have had not devoured all of the trailers for the new shows before they aired, so I was going in a little blind to most of them.

I think at this stage I have seen at least the first episode of almost all the new shows and here are my quick summaries with longer ones of my favourites to come...


This may have had an interesting premise on paper, but in reality I just don’t care. I think it would have been mildly more interesting if the whole family being kidnapped thing had been resolved at the beginning of the first episode and then the rest of the series was looking at a new America with the American People being the hostages under a new regime that had been forced upon them. Sort of a dirtier Scandal! Now that’s something I could get behind, this hostages however I will not be watching any more of.

Lucky 7
This was quite interesting and I found I wanted to know more about all of the characters. I am sad that you say it has been cancelled as I would love to know what is up with everyone. I hope the hopeless lady dumps her husband and what about the single mum... Why did she look worried when the guy said she had to prove who she was!! I liked this even though either Andy Greenwald or Alan Sepenwall (I can't remember which) said they hated it. 

Masters of Sex 

OK I really liked this, I am super excited to watch the next episode. Michael Sheen is just the right level of awkward and Lizzie Caplain is the right level of forthright. I think this is far superior to Mad Men as I always felt that it was all style over substance, but this actually has an interesting plot. 

The Originals

I watched this thinking the whole time... “Have I not seen this already”. The first episode was a complete rehash of TVD episode which introduced the story. Since I have decided to give up on TVD I don’t think I will replace it with this one. It is just the same old Shizz. Elija would be the only reason I keep watching this!

The Witches Of The East End

I am quite excited about this as I have read the first book in the series and I have the next one on my kindle. I didn’t even know they had commissioned this. I’m not sure how they will do this as it is about sisters who all live a very quiet lives in a very quiet town and there is a lot of back lore. It was really good and I was bummed at the time that I had to wait for the next book to be released. 

Sleepy Hollow

Hmmm... I am not entirely sure. In terms of casting, I like the lead lady cop and I like the guy who plays Ichabod (bonus John Cho!), I’m just not sure I care about the story enough. So in the past there were witches and he was bbfs with Washington. Also the main characters are linked by destiny because they saw a demon/the headless horseman (are they the same thing) 250 years apart. Oh and don’t forget 4 white trees. Maybe this will be one of those shows that has to start overly complicated because of all the lore, and then it can get into all the fun and adventure once that groundwork has been set (like Arrow). I got about 10 mins into the 2nd episode before I had to turn it off because I just thought to myself “what am I watching?” I know that the critics like it but I’m out!

The Blacklist

I found this quite fun. I think it will turn out that he was good friends with her father or something like that, just as long as it stay away from the obvious that he is her father! I am excited to know what is going on with her husband... and her scar... and her parents... So I do like this. I will keep watching. 

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

I liked episode 1 enough, but I really liked episode 2, it had all the fun and adventure of a good family action and adventure series. I like the 2 geeky characters, but I think Joss writes really well for weird little quirky characters which is why they are the best so far. I hope that Joss can scale it down a little so that it is not so high budget and have a solid show on the scale of Dollhouse or Firefly. Fingers crossed.


Honestly even the thought of watching this makes me feel exhausted, so I am going to pass!

Back In The Game

James Caan, I will forgive you anything even when you are a bit of a verbally abusive drunk. I enjoyed this, I particularly liked seeing Michelle Betts as a crazy rich drunk woman... I love a crazy rich drunk women. It was on the predictable side but I thought all in all it was fun to watch and it made me smile. I would like too see some of the weird kids developed a little to see all their weird in full force!

Trophy Wife

I loved this... I thought it was sweet and funny. It’s always good to watch Bradley Whitford and I think Malin Ackerman is underrated and really enjoyable to watch. I also liked both of the ex wives. I am looking forward to see how this develops and how it plays out.


Nope, I watched the first episode and thought that I had already wasted enough of my time on something just so awful!

Brooklyn Nine Nine
I liked this. It is really awkward and weird in a really good way. It reminds me a bit of Death Valley (but without the zombies, vamps and warewolves) and I really liked that! Also... Andy Samberg!


I was prepared to hate this, but I actually found it funny. The bit where she is talking to her boss' (and boyfriend’s) wife made me laugh. I will keep watching this.
The Goldbergs
I thought this was amusing, nothing special. I do think it may find an audience with those who watch The Middle. I will see what the second episode is like.

The Crazy Ones

I thought this seemed a little forced and it was “Good Morning Vietnam” Williams who showed up for filming. I will give this a few episodes because I quite like the premise. 

The Michael J Fox Show 

I could not make it thought the first episode of this. I think I have already deleted it so no hope for that.

Hello Ladies

I don’t know why I liked this. It has that awkwardness of the office in an American setting. I think we can see who the talent for writing was between Gervais and him. I hope this grows in confidence a little.

The Millers

I was ready to hate this, but it surprised me! I actually laughed out loud a couple of times. Who does not love a high Margo Martindale asking her son to dance with her like she is in dirty dancing while a party goes on? Her and Beau Bridges are definitely the stars of this, completely outshining all of the younger actors. When Beau Bridges is looking for his glasses... lol!

Welcome to the Family 

I liked some of this, but on the whole the comedy felt forced. I will give it a few episodes because I think that the daughter was good and I am hoping that it can settle a little and become a little more comfortable with what it is. Also I love Mary McCormack.

Super Fun Night

I didn’t think much of this. I thought Rebel’s accent was patchy! I did like the best friend played by Lauren Ash, I thought she was the shining star in this series. I will give it a few more episodes to see if it picks up.

Sean Saves The World

Just bad, forced, unfunny and painful to watch... nothing else I can say about this.

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