14 October 2013

Running Thoughts: The Walking Dead - 4x01

My stream of thoughts while watching the walking dead continues for another season. My instant thoughts written while watching the walking dead and later edited for spelling, grammar and general nonsense...

If you have not seen this episode yet, do not read on, lots of spoilers ahead for episode 4x01

The Walking Dead 4x01 - "30 Days Without Accident"

After last season's disappointing finale where The Guv'nor lived, I am hoping for a few things this episode. Firstly I am hoping that Daryl and Carol are finally getting it on, I hope that Carl is still the little psychopath I have grown to love and I hope that there will be plenty of blood and gore. If the title is anything to go by then we know that this will probably be the case!! Yay!

Previously on the Walking Dead... Shooting at The Guv'nor and hitting everything and everyone but him, Rick handing over control, my little psycho Carl shooting a man, Hershel did not approve, everyone is infected, Woodbury finally sees the true Guv'nor, and 2 become 1 when everyone from Woodbury moves into the prison (new characters!! yippee - more names to forget!).

It seems like the people of Woodbury have turned the Prison into somewhere they can properly live with crops, a picnic table...  and is that somewhere for animals? Oh look our friendly neighbourhood walkers are still here! Rick digs up a gun, which could have been there from when it was a prison, it looks pretty caked and useless. From my little knowledge of gun maintenance (thanks Paul) I don't think that will fire. Close up of the zombies and I am pleased to announce that the walker with no eyes, just gross sockets, is officially now my favourite. I think I will call him Pete.

Credits... not as creepy as they used to be.

From this little father son exchange between Rick and Carl it seems like they are taking Carl back down the path of being an innocent boy. He stays up at night reading comics by flashlight and names the pigs they have. I find this sad as it seems like they are trying to make Carl likable again, and I liked him when he was a little weird killing machine (cause I think that's what the zombpocalypse would do to you).  Also where did they get piglets from? Violet looks yummy!

Daryl is Mr Popular this morning, I would throw myself at his feet personally. I love seeing Carol flirt with Daryl, she does it so effortlessly! I wish I could be that smooth! Daryl has been bringing people back to camp so it seems like there are more than just the originals and Woodbury staying at Chez Prison now. I love the little geek boy trying to compliment Daryl, but I know not to get too attached to the anyone not in the main gang at this point, especially if they have been given lines!

One of the jobs seems to be stabbing the walkers through the prison gates, They can't have been doing it for very long as the walkers they are dropping seem to be the first to hit the ground. I would imagine that quickly you would have a bunch of bodies that the walkers would climb on and eventually get over the fence, World War Z style. Well it seems Carol is all over this, and monitoring that they don't push the fence over... and she called Daryl "pookie". I just got all warm and Fuzzy inside!

Glen and Maggie are still together and we are getting clues that there is something going on today that Glen Does not want Maggie to go on. I smell trouble.

HOLY CRAP IT'S BEAVER!! So his punishment after the whole Veronica Mars incident was zombies!! And it looks like he is going on a run with Daryl. Beaver and Beth are a couple, so I have no idea who Carl will be lusting after now! There are a fair amount of weapons going in the back of that super clean car for the run, and they now have a medic who was in the Army, that should give hop-along Hershel a hand!

Hershel is putting all his farming knowledge to good use with the crops. Shut The Front Door... Michonne has a horse now!! I did not think she could get any cooler, but she did!! They have also rigged up a really fancy but basic system for letting people back in and out. I assume that the whistle for a signal came from someone in the watchtower and then outer gates open pinning any walkers in the way on wooden spikes and then there are the inner doors. I like it!!

Michonne is far chattier now and comes with gifts for both Carl and Rick. She talks to Daryl for a while and says that she can't find "him" and that she will look for "him" 70 miles away. Is she looking for Merle? Did Daryl not tell everyone that he was dead and he had to kill him. Am I forgetting this or are they talking about someone else?

So Rick is pushing Carl to be a child for a while. making him go and play and read comics. It looks like he is only allowed to help out with things like brushing down the horse. Hershel is mocking Rick for being a framer and staying close to home... Hold up ponytail! Were you not the one teaching your plant knowledge to Rick a minute ago? It also just occurred to me that Rick throwing the mud caked gun away was supposed to be symbolic of him being a little more peaceful now. I just assumed it was because it was caked in mud!

Daryl, Glen, Carol, Sasha and Hershel (or Rick?) make up the Council now. Seems like Rick has stopped carrying his Gun outside of the compound. There seems to be a lot of dead animals in the forest at the moment, and what I mistook for a walker (and rick did too) seems to just be a dirty Irish woman that looks like Sadako from The Ring. She wants Rick's help moving a hog/pig/boar thing back to her husband as they have not eaten in days, and she looks like it. She asks if they can come back to Rick's camp, and it seems like they now have a system for this. He wants to check her for weapons, go back to where the husband is and ask them both 3 questions. Rick seems to have become super paranoid.

The little kids are waving at the walkers and they have started to give them names. Well the best of us like to name stuff! Carl seems to have a friend, but he is really alienating the girls.

Daryl and the scout team are going to raid an old army station outside of a store. It was full of walkers, but they led them all out a few days ago and now the looting begins!! Beaver is trying to guess Daryl's profession before the zompocalypse and he guesses Homicide Detective. It is good guess as I could totally see Daryl doing that. He will never guess though! Some nice camera work sweeping up to the top of the store they are about to raid, and what do we see... a ton of walkers and a crashed helicopter.

Crazy Irish lady is giving me the fear. I think her husband has probably turned or dead and she is keeping him all locked up like The Guv'nor did with his daughter. I don't like this situation one bit!

Back at the store and Glen is looking longingly at a camera and some baby picture frames. Is Maggie preggers? New Boy notices some dripping coming from the ceiling, but ignores it to grab a bottle of wine. He seems to think better of it "I have been sober for this long, might as well keep going" but in slapstick comedy style, when he puts the bottle back on the shelf, the shelf breaks and then the whole wine isle falls on top of him! Seriously, when does that ever happen? The walkers on the roof come running. Stupid new boy! So the dripping ceiling made some structural damage to the roof and now the walkers are just falling through the ceiling. Bonus for the walker that gets his intestines caught in part of the ceiling and just hangs there!

Creepy girl is creepy!

The walkers are falling from the roof quickly and are being a real threat to the gang. They can't just leave because of new boy under all the wine. Everyone looks like they are struggling to keep the walkers at bay except for Michonne who looks as cool as a cucumber with her katana. Chopping off heads with ease! There are some lovely moments of skulls smashing on the ground like glass jars when the walkers fall. They gore has really been given a boost this season, I like it! Daryl suddenly notices the helicopter that looks like it is about to crush them all. For some reason he just stays where he is and continues the killing. Glen is the one to take action and he and Beaver manage to get new guy out from under the wine, after Daryl drags back a walker and stops on his head!! Bloody brain juice everywhere. Poor Beaver then gets grabbed by a walker and bitten on the leg, then dragged backwards and mauled at the neck. So much blood and screaming, poor Beaver and Beth! How strong are the walkers though? They must have been without food for a while and Beaver looked like he was healthy and could pack a punch!

So crazy girl was keeping her husband alive as a walker and was bringing Rick back as a nice meal. When Rick pulls a gun on her (yay firearms) she stabs herself to be with her husband. She wants to be a walker just like him. The Image of Rick standing over her with a gun seems very similar to an image from a very early episode or a promotional poster. He seems extremely torn about shooting her or leaving her. This is a much different Rick from the killing machine he was after Lori died, this is far more like season 1 Rick, more tortured and torn. He leaves crazy after she kills herself, without giving her final death, so that she can be a walker with her man!

Carol is running story time... or is she? As soon as it is just her and the children she brings out knives and starts teaching the kids how to hold them and use them. Good on you Carol! She did not know that Carl was hiding in the library actually wanting to hear a story and he runs out. Carol asks Carl not to tell his father, but who knows what my little psycho will do!!

No Eyed Pete is still at the fence and I think Violet the Pig is dead... do they carry the virus and can they turn? Maggie thought she was pregnant, but it was just a scare. She wants to start a life with Glen and have a family. Daryl tells Beth about Beaver/Zach and she is surprisingly cool with losing another boyfriend. She has a board that shows the number of days since the last accident and she puts the count back to zero. Her and Daryl have a touching moment even though neither of them cry for the dead anymore.

Hershel is giving Rick a pep talk. Michonne is looking at the map for Macon County. New boy looks sad about getting Beaver killed. Geeky kid looks sick and goes for a shower where he seems to collapse, bleed from the eyes, nose and mouth, then die. Then he comes back as a walker (or worse... bubonic plague walker?).

Coming up this season... Nah... I won't spoil it for you. I did just realise that Michonne is looking for the Guv'nor!! Doh!! It looks like it is going to be a good and bloody season!

Walker kill of the week - Daryl standing on the walkers head and it exploding like a glass jar... it was beautifully disgusting!

Human death of the week - Beaver. Your time with us was so short! And a quick shout out to Geeky Glasses.

Things we learned - To get into Chez Prison you have to answer 3 questions... 1. How many walkers have you killed? 2. How many people have you killed? 3. Why?

I am looking forward to this season. I am excited again. I really hope the Guv'nor story line is concluded quickly and that the new show runner can keep up enough tension to keep it interesting.

For more Walking Dead check out my favourite podcasts at The Watching Dead and The Talking Dead.

All pictures from amctv.com.

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