19 October 2013

TV Heaven: Veronica Mars

TV Heaven, because sometimes we have to say goodbye to our favourite things...

Veronica Mars

Genre: Dectective
Girly: Yes
Set in High School: Yes
Hot Guys: Oh yeah, Logan Echols and the nasty cop do it for me!!
Mystery of the week format: Yup
Currently running: Nope (3 seasons)
Status: A long time ago we used to be friends... and it was awesome

Why you should watch it...

Who says that teenage girls can't be kickass detectives? Veronica Mars is the school outcast and her father is a disgraced sheriff turned private detective... let the mysteries commence. Not only did this have mysteries of the week for Veronica to solve, everything from lost dogs to blackmail, there was an arc throughout of who killed Lily Kane, Veronica’s best friend. This was the perfect mix of sassy, smart and funny to keep me on the edge of my seat. I have watched this a couple of times from start to finish a couple of times, and it still manages to stand up well, even though the technology is a bit dated.

The casting really helps in keeping things moving and story lines feeling fresh with a number of interesting cameos. This also has just the right amount of romance without being overly sugary sweet and I think I actually may have clapped when the perfect TV couple kissed for the first time!

With the insane success of the kickstarter campaign for a Veronica Mars film, we should be seeing the gang back together in 2014 on the big screen. Knowing some of the amazing cameos from the TV show we are sure to see some great cameos in the film, but we will need to wait and see.

Who You May Know...

Kristen Bell – Veronica Mars

Our very own girl detective has been in a number of films and tv shows like House of Lies as well as voicing the one and only Gossip Girl herself. XOXO.

Enrico Colantoni - Keith Mars

As well as being the outcast ex-sheriff and Veronica's Dad, Enrico Colantoni can be seen in Person of interest, many other tv dramas, but for me his most outstanding performance was as Gianni Versace in House of Versace. The resemblance was uncanny.

Jason Dohring - Logan Echols

Resident bad boy, Logan had all the girls hearts fluttering. Since appearing in Veronica Mars Jason Dohring has appeared in 2 of my favourite cancelled shows, Moonlight and Ringer.

Percy Daggs III - Wallace Fennel

Veronica Mars seems to be the foundation for Percy's career with only a handful of roles since.

There were also a whole host of other minor roles and cameos. Some of my favourites...

Amanda Seyfried - Lily Kane (So awesome her 1 episode cameo became a whole season)

Francis Capra - Weevil

Max Greenfield - Deputy Leo (Before Schmidt there was the sweet and sensitive Deputy Leo)

Tina Majorino - Mac

Aaron Paul - Eddie (One of the smallest cameos, but one I always get excited over. It's Jesse Pinkman Bitch, yo!)

Alyson Hannigan - Trina Echols

There are enough amazing cameos to probably spot 1 per episode, so keep your eyes peeled.

Good so you are all set then? If you need to you can pop out to buy the box set, or find it online, and then promptly hit play to start the joy. If you are watching for the first time, then lucky you... it's amazing!

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