05 September 2011

The Lying Game

Woo Hoo!! Another TV show for me to get hooked on!!

I was so very excited to hear about the Lying Game coming to abc family as I love Pretty Little Liars TV series. My usual lack of patience, and wanting to know as soon as possible who A was, then lead me to the books by Sara Shepard. I have loved all of the Books so far (I have currently read 1-5) and I am excited to find out how The Lying Game books will compare. Even after only 3 episodes I really want to find out what happens to Emma and Sutton.

So let me know, have you seen it and if so what do you think?

If you have not seen or heard anything about The Lying Game on abc family, check out the promo below for a taste!

So let me know your thoughts on the TV show and if you have read the books yet (I saw lots of copies on IMM's this week) what do you think about them?

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  1. I'm a HUGE fan of Pretty Little Liars too. I'm so sad that the season finale was last week. The show is just too addicting to have to wait for next season. I also was so anxious to know who A was that I cheated and looked it up online. (I have no self control!)

    I haven't read this series or watched the show, but now that PLL is over for a bit I might just invest in a new show now!

    New follower! Great blog!

    Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves