17 October 2012

Running Thoughts: Walking Dead 3x01

I was so excited for the premier of the Walking Dead season 3. After how the last season finished I couldn't wait to find out want was going to happen next. Luckily for me I am not alone in my obsessing and I have a friend who was just as excited. Since we live in different cities I told him I would write notes of my thoughts as I watched so that we could properly discuss the episode in detail after it had aired.

It turned out that we had some of the same exact thoughts so I am going to share them here with you (they are a little weird as they are a little like my stream of conciousness)...

If you have not seen this episode yet, do not read on, lots of spoilers ahead for 3x01

The Walking Dead 3x01 - "Seed"

Silent killing - no one is talking, good plan!
Dude, they gave Carl a gun
Is that a home made silencer?
Gross, dog food
Hey it may be gross but it sill has the word food in the title, no need to throw it away Rick!
Do they not talk to each other at all anymore?
They are modern day Ninjas! Silent and deadly...
A map, good call, but can they not just drive through the zombies?
At least they finally are organised
Democracy is working for them - or Rick is now just a badass!
Lol, Lori is breaking into prison now! 
What an amazing idea. Chain and climbing grips to keep the gate shut - handy things for them to have found.
Is Daryl going to get together with Carol? I hope so for her sake, he is hot!!
Good fighting formation. They have their shiz together. 
Shiz, zombie guards with helmets
Wtf... is that a gas mask? 

Yeah Maggie, get them under their chin.
I can't believe the zombie's face came off with the gas mask.
The first thing I would do now you are in is find the showers. 
Who is the mysterious ninja? I would totally want a samurai sword when the zombies attack
Are those her pets with no arms?
Andrea!!!! What's wrong with her? Flu?
They are pets... Ewww they have no jaws, but that's kind of clever.
OMG Lori might have a zombie baby that eats her from the inside.
I don't like this zombie mother and baby talk
Man Lori looks like crap but no one looks good anymore.
What's wrong with me? I like Hershel this season.
Carl is less annoying this season too, he is finally doing what he is told.
Where are they going? Do they really need to go in the tunnel?
This reminds me of a zombie game I played on the Xbox... Rise of the Nightmares...
Spray painting arrows in the tunnel, great idea, they really are organised
Who killed all these dead zombies? Other zombies?
Man they are trapped - this is tense
Shiz, shiz, shiz, I only looked away from the screen for a second... What just happened?
Where did all the zombies go? Do they just wander the halls?
Did they loose Maggie and Glen?
HERSHEL... Noooooo!
He was standing too close to the zombies, he had loads of room, it was stupid. That'll learn him
Shiz, they are going to cut off his leg. Do they have to keep hacking? It's off, you can stop!!
I forget... Is everyone just infected now? Can he potentially survive this?
Where is an iron when you need one? I will be great in an apocalypse, an Iron over a fire would help him.
Frack, cauterise the wound! Have you not seen Idle Hands?
People or zombies? People... Ooh!

I can't wait for next week, my burning questions are -
- Who are those people? This will probably spell trouble for the group!
- What's up with Andrea? I hope she doesn't die!
- Can they survive in the prison?
- Is this the end of Hershal?

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