24 October 2012

Running Thoughts: Walking Dead 3x02

My mental vomiting of thoughts while watching the walking dead continues. I want to share my thoughts on the latest episode of The Walking Dead with my buddy "Sheriff Claw" and all of you...

If you have not seen this episode yet, do not read on, lots of spoilers ahead for episode 3x02

The Walking Dead 3x02 - "Sick"

Ok I am situated and ready to roll with this episode... I have ice on my knee and my coffee table beside me with everything I need.

Previously on TWD - So they are all infected? Why did Glen bother checking Maggie for scratches last week? If they have it they have it! Ewww... Do we need to see the leg hack again? Brutal!!

I have managed to pause on Hershall lying on the ground with his leg hacked. It's kind of gross, but also kind of awesome.
If he is bleeding out what help will it be to drag him back? Stupid idea, sort it out then and there!
You go glen, take charge, make a gurney!
I love that they just left the prisoners with half a leg.

Loving the new opening sequence.

Seriously taking Hershal back is a stupid idea!
Have the prisoners never thought about going through that door before? I am thinking that they can obviously move about in their bit fairly freely and have figured out how to survive, so why not explore? These seem like dim prisoners, not the bright kind you would expect to survive.
They can try to bandage it, but it will be infected and gangreeny before you know it. Cauterise!!!
Yeah big man you are free. Go run off into the wild!
This whole confrontation is quite civilised and calm. Ok T-Dog, way to cause undue tension.
Aww don't ask glen to kill Hershal. He won't be able to cope. Get Lori to do it, everyone hates her already and her baby is going to eat her from the inside out... Probably. Also she asked Hershal to kill her, is it not only fair that she return the favour?
I really don't hate Carl anymore. He was smart to lock the door after his dad!
Holy shiz they have no idea about the outside world. This is not going to end well. You would think that after, well it has to be at least a year, with no other people and zombies running about, that they would figure out that the outside world has gone to hell.
Ok so it has been 294 days since they saw a living person.
Harsh having to tell them the truth.
Aww... Bless they don't get it. Your family is probably dead, move on!
Actually, would they all not be suffering rickets or jaundice or something if they had not been outside in 10 months. Also they would be all pale and gross looking. ok so now they look pale and gross!
God I really hate the leader of the gang. Also I have tattoos myself, but neck tattoos are skeevy! Yuck.
Seriously Rick, why are you talking to him... Just walk back inside and lock the doors. They don't have any handy bolt cutters and will end up starving to death or making a mistake and being eaten by zombies.
Amazing moustache man (AMM) is sensible. He can stay, and the big fella, reminds me of Lenny from of mice and men. They can both stay and the others can get their own block.
Is there only one kitchen for the whole block or do they have a few. There may be more food.
Don't give them weapons. Bad idea.
Medical run why not send the doctor... Oh yeah they already made that mistake.
Seriously why did they let their only doctor go in the tunnel? It was a stupid idea.
Yeah Lori you are looking rough.
I see they had no trouble getting back to the kitchen are all the zombies dead now? It's pretty small for a prison canteen. There must be another.
I hate that prison gang leader guy.
That's a lot of food. Mmm... Breadcrumbs!
Ewww they used the freezer as the loo.
Pull yourself together Maggie. You are secure just now and don't have to run for the moment. Also if they can cart about a pregnant woman they can cope with one leg.
Beth is so practical. At least she is being optimistic, he is going to need one legged trousers.
I really don't think they have to worry about Hershal being trouble if he turns. He only had one leg how far is he going to get as a zombie?
Kill the mean prisoners and keep the nice ones.
Lori, you are a crap wife.
Yeah also you only have 6 bullets, your crowbar will never run out of ammo.

How long does it take for them to turn again once they are dead? Is it really a good idea to hold Hershal's hand? He could pull you in and eat your face!
Stupid convicts. There was no need to run to the zombies. They would come to you. Also all that uncontrolled and noisy fighting is just going to bring more and then you are screwed.
Why punch in the stomach. Did you not remember your lesson? Seriously!!! Not good killing!
Why did he wander of to the infirmary himself. Carl was stupid.
Zombie killing lesson take 2.
Aww, big tiny is scared.
Behind you big tiny!!!
Aww hell no! Did he just pull off his hand with the cuffs!! Yes, yes he did, gross and amazing at the same time!
Omg has big tiny just been captain hooked by the bone hand?
Don't shoot your gun, the sheriff had that!
Seriously she had to be taught that bandages stop infection? Did you not know that Glen? You div! Did you think that he'd be cool just leaving the bloody stump to the air?

Seriously, you leaving is signing his death warrant. It is guaranteed that the moment you leave he will turn!
You could quarantine big tiny. If everyone has the virus already the bite (did he get bitten? It looked like he just got hit with the stumpy arm... I will have to go back and watch again) will heal.
Aww no! That was brutal. He could have been useful.
That was grim! He did not have to pummel his head into nothing like he was the guy in the lift in the film Drive!
Why are glen and Carol not killing the walkers? Why go for a stroll when Hershal needs them?
There are cadavers and then there are zombies... Not the same thing!! Will they not be all rotten on the inside? The skin is an organ and look at how well that has turned out on that zombie lady?
This seems like a stupid idea to get a zombie from outside.
Just kill him now Daryl and be done with it.
It seems noisy behind the door. Is there not another cell block they can pick?
Fool!! He said ONE door! I hope you get eaten!!

Seriously dude. Watch your swing. Are you going to kill the guy who has survived in the zombie world and leave yourselves to figure it out? Stupid! I hope he gets eaten.
Oh no you did not just throw a zombie at Rick? That was a real douche thing to do!
Call him out Rick.
Or you can do that!
YEAH!!! I have to watch that again... Even better the second time when you know the machete is coming!! Favourite bit so far!
Why bother running after the wee man? He is obviously just scared, he'll be dead as soon as he hits more zombies.
Let AMM live. He seems cool.
Rick you are going to get lost. Just leave him.
Cold Rick, cold. Did you just shut him out and now you are listening to him die!
Back up Maggie!! He be dead. Back up Beth. That's right Lori. In you get, give the zombie to be mouth to mouth... Get your face eaten off!
Yeah Carl. Step up to the plate with your big boy gun.
They didn't know that they guys they were living with for 10 months were like that. Let them be!
Good men? Really? All of them? Let me guess, they were all innocent?
Reality check from hillbilly Daryl.
So did the CPR work? Is he alive or zombie but just seems alive?
Clear eyes, good sign!
Ehh... Now your not worried about him turning? He still might! Just because he is awake does not mean he wont die. Keep the cuffs on to save you from the one legged zombie.
Experimentation time Carol. This is kind of weird.
Shiz, who is watching her? Could be dead zombies dead husband! Creepy.
I hate this whole scene with Rick and Lori. It could use some zombies and mild peril.
Oooh more cold from Rick. He's getting good at it.

On the next episode - omg. Looks like an Andrea / ninja episode. Amazing.

Hopefully we will find out next week...
 - What's up with Hershal?
 - Who was watching Carol?
 - What will Carol find when she opens the zombie and will Lori look exactly the same on the inside?
 - How's Andrea's cold?

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