23 October 2012

Sick Bed TV

I have been holed up in my flat for the past wee while after dislocating my knee during Richard The Third rehearsals. It was disgusting and painful, however it did give me the opportunity to lay on the sofa for a week and enjoy (or not) the new fall line up and the new season premiers.

There was an interesting mix in the new shows this fall. It felt a little more sparse than it has in other years, but that is probably more to do with the fact I only liked a few of them. So here is what I have been watching over the past week and a few of my thoughts on each one..

Number of episodes watched: 1
Initial thoughts: Yes it is as bad as this poster makes it look. This was such a disappointment as with this cast I wanted to be sucked in and freaked out (the way I was with American Horror Story last year) but instead I was just bored. I think I ended up tidying my coffee table!
Will I keep watching: No thanks, I think I will pass.

Number of episodes watched: 1
Initial thoughts: First off I think the lead is steamy, but I preferred Justin Hartley as the Green Arrow in Smallville. Secondly I love Katie Cassidy, ever since she strutted into my life in Supernatural, then Harpers Island, then Melrose Place and then Gossip Girl I have been in awe of her. This is why it pained me to say I did not care for Arrow. I am hoping it is just a slow starter and will pick up soon.
Will I keep watching: Yes, for a few more episodes in the hopes it will pick up.

Number of episodes watched: 2
Initial thoughts: After watching Arrow I didn't have high hopes for the other CW offering. I have never really been a fan of Kristin Kreuk as I think her character was played out a long time before she left Smallville so I was weary. I was surprised that from the start though I was interested and caught up. Now don't get me wrong, this is pure trash TV at its best. At it's core this is a crime drama with the addition of the "Beast" who displays more of a hulk mentality. He is all hot with a scar when he is calm but then totally hulks out when he gets angry. I think I will get tired of this very quickly, but for now it's a bit of fun.
Will I keep watching: Yes, for just now.

Number of episodes watched: 1
Initial thoughts: I grew up watching Jesse Spencer as Billy Kennedy in Neighbours, I have a soft spot for him. In Chicago Fire however I thought his accent was awful. This was just the start of my dislike for this programme, I was so bored of the whole thing that I really wanted to turn it off half way through... did I really care if they put the building fire out? I struggled through the whole episode eventually and when the trailer for coming up this season on Chicago Fire came on screen I laughed and turned it off!
Will I keep watching: Not if you paid me!

Number of episodes watched: 1
Initial thoughts: Who does not love Mamie Gummer? I mean she is Hollywood royalty. With Meryl Streep for a mother acting just runs in her veins. There was something about Emily Owens MD that I enjoyed. It felt light a cross between Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs. It was an easy to watch medical drama that was funny and serious at the same time, with hot men to look at. I am looking forward to seeing how it unfolds over the course of the season.
Will I keep watching: I love a good medical drama, so definitely!

Number of episodes watched: 2 
Initial thoughts: The morning after my accident I decided to get up and watch some TV since I could not sleep because of the pain in my leg. I turned on the current episode and my sister watched with me from where she had been sleeping on my other sofa the night before (it was so good of her to stay with me!!). After I caught her up to date on what she needed to know (they were told to bomb Pakistan but now they are being hunted by their own country so they are living on an island and fighting with the local gang) we kept watching and then half way through the episode she managed to sum the whole series so far up in one tidy sentence "this is a stupid show". I will leave it at that
Will I keep watching: No! I can't believe I watched 2 (Even Ben Covington can't save it!)

Number of episodes watched: 2
Initial thoughts: I feel a little bit empty when Fairly Legal finishes in the Summer, but this year I had another sparkling legal drama to fill the void. Smart talking New Jersey Girl, Martina, is out of place in the high class New York law firm. She holds her own in a very Legally Blonde way, the sad thing is this has already been cancelled! Oh how the mighty fall.
Will I keep watching: I would if I could, but I can't.

Number of episodes watched: 2
Initial thoughts: I wanted to like this so much as soon as I saw Zach Gilford (Friday Night Light's Matt Saracen). I felt it was just too bogged down in mob politics. Even the lighter story lines running through the episode could not lift it out of just being too heavy and dry for me.
Will I keep watching: Nope, I'm out!

Number of episodes watched: 2
Initial thoughts: Y'all, Tami Taylor is back!! Being the massive Friday Night Lights fan that I am, I was so excited to see that Connie Britton was back doing what she does best. This story follows the Country Legend (Britton), the Teen Superstar (Panettere) and the innocent and unsigned singer / songwriter (Bowen). I love this, it is like the series version of Country Strong, with great hair!
Will I keep watching: Oh hell yes!!

Number of episodes watched: 5
Initial thoughts: I have already dissected my thoughts on the pilot episode of Revolution here. I still stick by my thoughts that this seems like a YA dystopian story in series form. That and things just seem a little too easy for them. Yes they come across obstacles on their way, but with a little effort they seem easily overcome.
Will I keep watching: Yeah, I still really like it

Number of episodes watched: 1
Initial thoughts: I actually felt uncomfortable watching this. I was excited that we were going to get more of Justin Kirk after the end of Weeds, but this was just bad. The jokes were bad and predictable and it felt like someone had said to themselves "Do you know what will make this better? A monkey. "
Will I keep watching: No, I am surprised I managed 1 full episode

Number of episodes watched: 4
Initial thoughts: I didn't really take to this on the first episode, I was unsure if it was funny or not and thought that Lucy Punch was the best thing in it. I have stuck with it, and happily as the episodes have gone on I have liked this more and more. There is the distinct feeling that some of the characters are being set up to have relationships with each other, but I think that it's a storyline I would enjoy seeing.
Will I keep watching: Yes for the time being.

Number of episodes watched: 6
Initial thoughts: Matthew Perry I worship you. I have always been disappointed in the past that the series that Matthew Perry has committed to since friends have usually gone on to get cancelled quite quickly (see Studio 60 and Mr Sunshine). Go On has an interesting story, where Perry has joined a support group to help him grieve the loss of his wife. The characters in the support group with him are funny and interesting and I think I love them all (even the weird guy)!
Will I keep watching: Yes, I am sticking with it.

Number of episodes watched: 0.5
Initial thoughts: Oh man, this was so bad that I could not even get through the first episode. I don't even think I made it through a half episode. The canned laughter and awful jokes (baby in a bar has been done) and I turned it off about 5 mins in.
Will I keep watching: No, keep it away from me!

Number of episodes watched: 3
Initial thoughts: Mindy Kaling is my hero. After watching the first few episodes of this and loving her character (she is just so charming) I went on to pick up Mindy's book (which was also great). In this series, Mindy is a gynecologist who is trying to find love and be an amazing and real woman. It's the little jokes in this that keep me smiling like when she is made to watch the Deadliest Catch and asks "there are episodes of this". This is something we all thing but have never vocalised. This is now the show I get excited about every week.
Will I keep watching: Yes, just try and stop me!

Number of episodes watched: 1
Initial thoughts: Was someone off their meds when they came up with this one? Aliens landed on the planet 10 years ago and bought a whole gated community to live in. When a new human family moves in next door they have to learn to live with each other... I fell like my IQ dropped just writing that!
Will I keep watching: No, No, No!

Number of episodes watched: 6
Initial thoughts: This so cute and sweet. Goldie (King, who is a fellow Scot!) is trying to run away from her grandmother Jane's (Barkin) controlling and mean ways, taking her daughter with her. When she realises she needs a job she applies to be a surrogate mother for gay couple David and Bryan (Bartha and Rannells). The comedy in this is warm and genuine with my favourite character being the racist, republican and homophobic grandmother.
Will I keep watching: Yes, this will be one I come back to again and again.

Number of episodes watched: 4
Initial thoughts: This was another one that felt a little bit like it was trying too hard in the first episode, but as the series has warmed it has become a little less "try-hard" and has found it's position. This is about 2 best friends who are joined at the hip and their relationship with each other and their relationships with their partners. It makes me laugh and I am always happy to watch Sophia Bush, Michael Urie, Brandon Routh and David Krumholtz (which is probably good as that is the whole cast!).
Will I keep watching: Yes, for now!

So what have you been watching this season and what are your thoughts?

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