19 December 2012

Walking Dead Withdrawal?

Are you suffering from the Walking Dead withdrawal? I know I am. Just to make me feel better because I had a cold last week my buddy, Sheriff Claw, sent me this picture.

He knew it would cheer me up and boy did it? It also then led me on to looking for Walking Dead themed gifts.

Now the exact case seen above is not available any more (sob), but you can feast your eyes on the following iPhone cases by the same artist (Tracey Gurney)...

(get them here and here)

And for the Walking Dead loving baby in your life...

(buy it here)

A quick browse of Etsy.com also brought up some amazing, bizarre and weird items that would work as gifts...

So have you found anything other walking dead inspired products?


  1. I love this stuff. Yes, I am having withdrawals and now I am missing my weekly dose of Sons too. Thanks for sharing all of these awesome goodies.

    1. I have only just started watching Sons of Anarchy, so that is currently filling the Walking Dead void for me!