03 December 2012

Running Thoughts - The Walking Dead 3x08

My mental vomiting of thoughts while watching the walking dead continues. I want to share my thoughts on the latest episode of The Walking Dead with my buddy "Sheriff Claw" and all of you...

If you have not seen this episode yet, do not read on, lots of spoilers ahead for episode 3x08

The Walking Dead 3x08 - "Made To Suffer"

I am currently full of the cold, so my excitement is masked by coughs and sniffles but it is there!! I feel like Andrea when it was just her and Michonne before she got stupid and slept with the Guv'nor! As soon as the kettle has boiled I will be getting my walking dead on!

Previously... Naked Maggie, bleeding Glen, Prison, Michonne, zombie child, "I'm in", brothers, sex, waiting!

We open on screaming and a zombie following the sound. And we have a new character, Tyreese, who is killing zombies left and right to get his group to safety. We have what looks like a husband, wife and son. Better not get too familiar with the wife since she has just had a massive chunk eaten out of her arm. They stumble upon the other side of the prison, which has not been secured yet and where we know there is a fence down. We see the full extent of the damage where it looks like a massive chunk of one of the blocks has been blown up or has crumbled. Sasha wants the wife to stay outside since she has been bitten (they could cut her arm off!!) by Tyreese convinces her to let them all in with them.

Credits - creepy

Andrea is making herself look as apocalypse slutty as she can for the Guv'nor. She has agreed to help Doc "cremate" Mr C from the last episode. She agrees that Woodbury is growing on her and I want to slap her in the face with a fish to wake her from this delusion. The Guv'nor give himself a really creepy look in the mirror. He is back in the room with the fish tanks, and we see that this is where he is keeping his daughter zombie in a cage. She comes running at him with the bag on her head and he pets her and continues to trat her like his daughter, singing to her and stroking her hair. It looks like it is working for a while, but she is just distracted by the bowl of meat! He then gets angry and locks her up again! Good parenting!

Maggie and Glen are together and Glen wants to know if Maggie was raped. Maggie assures him that she was not. There is a great line where Maggie states that with all the walkers out there you forget what humanity can do. In a totally gross but also awesome move, Glen goes to the dead zombie in the room and pulls off his arm like it is a massive chicken leg, and breaks it to get the bones out as makeshift weapons. The sound effects here are amazing and add to the whole effect.

Rick, Oscar, Daryl and Michonne are all outside scouting the wall. Michonne disappears and Rick thinks that she has run off. They know that they can't search everywhere so start to make a plan to take less stuff. Michonne comes back and signals everyone to follow her.

The Guv'nor and Merle discuss what we already knew... the prison is an amazing place to hide out. He doesn't plan to move Woodbury there as everyone likes it where they are, he plans to kill them, take their resources and lock the Walkers in. Merle wants to get Daryl out first and the Guv'nor agrees saying that they can make him the inside man, but you can tell from his face that he is lying! They discuss Maggie and Glen and The Guv'nor wants to get rid of them in the "Screamer Pits" before Andrea finds out that they are here. WTF are screamer pits, is that where they collect the zombies for the zombie fight. Good name, I tip my invisible hat to you Guv!

Michonne and the guys are breaking in via the place where Michonne was questioned after the zombie killings. they want to know where else Maggie and Glen could be being held and Michonne suggests his apartment. They wonder if Michonne is leading them into a trap (no, Michonne is awesome, trust her!). Someone comes to the door and they all hide. The question the poor man who was just checking up on things and he knows nothing so they knock him out cold.

Axl is getting his perv on asking Beth how old she is. Just when you thought Carol couldn't be more great she steps in and puts a stop to it. Axl was only looking for a partner and that was his best choice since he thinks that Carol is a lesbian because of her hair. This was one of the funniest scenes in the whole series, especially after finding out that she is not a lesbian Axl looks like he has decided to go after her.

Maggie and Glen try to escape when the door opens. Maggie gets her guy in the throat with the bone, but Glen is up against Merle and his bayonette arm and over powers him. There is some gunfire which draws others (including Rick and the guys) to where the prisoners are. Maggie gets a gun and points it at Merle, but as always happens more guys with guns, aimed at her head, come in.

The rescue mission is in full swing and the guys and Michonne are in the correct building. Maggie and Glen are being forced onto their knees and they are going to be shot at gunpoint. Daryl is close enough to her Merle's voice through the tin wall. I know if I ever heard my brother or sisters voice I could pick them out easily. Maggie and Glen are dragged away and flash bombs are thrown so that they can only just see Maggie and Glen and not who was holding them (handy).

The Guv'nor is trying to keep everyone calm in the village telling them to go home and lock their doors. When the find the guy who was knocked out cold they realise that the village is under attack. The Guv'nor tells them not to take prisoners, kill on sight.

Glen is not looking good. Looks like some broken rib acting to me! They hide out in an abandoned shop, and Michonne closes the door and takes off on her own. Glen tells Daryl that it was Merle!!! RESULT! Daryl now knows about his brother being alive and being a sadistic bastard. I may just be high on lemsip at the moment, but I am finding the dialogue in this episode hilarious. "he threw a walker at me!. I laughed so hard!! Daryl then thinks that Merle is the Guv'nor (he wishes) and Glen apologises to Rick saying that he broke and told them where the prison was (no Maggie did it!). Rick brushes it off and tells him not to apologise in the way a good leader does. OK this just got touching! Daryl wants to go and see Merle and talk to him. He thinks that they can work something out. This makes me love Daryl even more, he suddenly looks so sweet and lost without his brother, but he agrees to stay with Rick and help him with Glen.

Merle hilariously puts it that "they want what we have". You mean your prisoners. Merle stretches the truth saying that they killed someone by stabbing them in the neck. Well yes she did, but you had her hostage first! Andrea gets a rubbish task and she is pissed about it, but The Guv'nor can't risk you seeing your old gang now you silly cow, because he knows how flighty you are!

Michonne has gone to The Guv'nor's apartment to wait for him. She is sitting in a chair facing the door with her sword out, just oozing cool!

The gang thrown smoke bombs into the street for cover and make a run for it. There is lots of shooting, but only casualties on the Woodbury side. Andrea tells The Guv'nor that she saw one of them, a young black guy in a prison uniform and the Guv'nor, nods and states that they must be escaped convicts. He tell Andrea to get inside and that they can wait them out. There is more gunfire and Daryl is going to hang back and give cover while the others run for it. When Rick is shooting he sees SHANE!! What?!? Who SHOOTS OSCAR!! What? No, I liked him! Rick shoots him and he was seeing things all along, I guess he is not over his Lori, phone mental break thing (or his fugue state as they call it over at the Watching Dead podcast). Maggie is screaming for Rick since Oscar is dead. She puts one between his eyes so he doesn't come back. I am pouring one out for Oscar! Rick is almost over the wall with Maggie and Glen, but Daryl is still shooting!

Back at the prison and Carl and Beth are loading up clips so they are ready to go. They only have a month of formula and Carl says that he will go on a run with Carol to get more. He is such a great strong character now, but he still needs someone to drive the car! They start to hear screaming from inside the prison, seriously is that woman still screaming? Carl says that he will check it out since that's what Rick would have done. He is a wee badass! On his hunt he comes across the boiler room and he looks at it with regret, then BOOM a walker comes out of nowhere and he shoots it's head off! Yeah Carl! It sacred the shit out of me! Carl comes across Tyreese and his gang in the power room and he shoots a zombie in the head. He then leads the group to safety telling them to leave the woman who was bitten (ahhh... from last week's teaser!) Tyreese refuses!

In the Guv'nor's apartment Michonne hears a noise and busts into the Guv'nor's room of weird. She looks as shocked as you would expect and then finds the daughter zombie. She doesn't know that the girl is a zombie and unchains her. Michonne... how did you survive so long without knowing that you take the bag off first, also can you not hear that it is a zombie by the weird breathing moan thing? Michonne is going to kill her, but the Guv'nor comes in and draws his gun on Michonne. After a stand off where the Guv'nor all but surrenders, Michonne stabs the zombie daughter through the back of the skull and the sword goes straight through and out zombie girl's mouth. Some serious fighting then goes on with both Michonne and the Guv'nor being pretty equally matched. They are both kicking the shit out of each other and then the Guv'nor gets the upper hand and smashes Michonne's head into one of the tanks. Michonne manages to pull down two more tanks and mow there are zombie heads chomping away all over the place. It looks like the Guv'nor has the better of Michonne, but she manages to grab a shard of glass and shove it into the Guv'nor's eye! He is wriggling around and screaming when just as Michonne is about to finish him off, Andrea comes in and pulls her gun on Michonne! They circle each other and then Michonne leaves. Andrea tries to help the Guv'nor but he is morning the loss of zombie daughter. Andrea is not as freaked out about the skulls in tanks as I would be!

Carl has lead Tyreese and his group to the holding area. The bitten woman is dead and Carl offers to step up to the plate and put her down. Tyreese steps in and says he will do it and pulls out his hammer. So messy Tyreese, stick to the single bullet. When Carl locks them in Sasha starts to go mental demanding to be let out. Tyreese stops her and tells her to leave the man alone. I assume he is talking about Carl and I don't think it is in a patronising way. He says that it is Carl's house, so Carl's rules. In this new way of life "manhood" is when they have the skills to survive and provide shelter for others, so I would concur that Carl is a man! Way to go Carl.

The Guv'nor's eye socket is disgusting, to be fair, it could look worse, but it looks like he has lost the eye. Andrea wants to know what was going on with all the heads and why Michonne came back for him. The Doc and Merle barge in and tell the Guv'nor that they lost them. The Guv'nor states that she came to kill him, and this sounds to me like a declaration of war!

Glen, Maggie and Rick get back to their post on the other side of the wall, and Michonne turns up. She looks like hell and Rick takes her sword. She pleads her case saying that they will still need her help if they are going back to the prison, or going back to get Daryl.

The Guv'nor walks into the arena to give a speech to the masses about how this was akin to the night the virus broke out. It sounds like a rousing speech, but I hate the Guv'nor so I am tuning out. It is all just propaganda nonsense anyway. OK, this has just taken a turn for the worse. The Guv'nor has decided to turn on Merle and they have Daryl as prisoner. He shouts that these are the terrorist and what should be done? Everyone is chanting to kill them, and The Guv'nor turns to Merle and tells him that now he has his brother like he wanted. During this whole speech the Guv'nor's eye bandage has turned from stark white to having a murky brown stain on the bottom half. It is rather gross and amazing at the same time.

So that's it until February 2013 folks!! Looks like we have some awesome stuff coming up and I can't wait to see what happens with Merle and Daryl. Will the gang accept Tyreese and his group? Will Andrea finally wise up? We shall see!!!

Now I just have to decide what to watch to keep me entertained until Feb!

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