29 November 2012

Fancy Sensible Shoes

There are a few things that raise my stress levels over the holiday period. One of these is finding just the right gift for each of my family and friends, and the other is finding the right outfit for my work Christmas party. This has extended slightly this year since with my recent dislocated knee cap I have not been wearing high heels. Flats and boots have become my main wardrobe staple however I find my biker boots are heavy and all of my flats are plain ballet flats with little twists (I have a nice pair in a flower print at the moment).

I have spent many hours recently scouring the internet to find some edgy yet still pretty shoes which are different to standard ballet flats and still in my price range. Then I stumbled upon the following picture on pintrest...

How excited was I to learn that these were flat shoes and sold by Zara, unfortunatley they are no longer in stock but without further hesitation here are the current flat shoes I am drooling over at Zara.

I decided to buy the last two pairs. I will have to see which pair looks better with the dress I am going to wear. One panic down, now just the gifts to tackle!

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