11 November 2012

Goodies for my Kindle and Shelf!

Spending lots of time off your feet often leads to internet shopping. I spent a week on the sofa with my leg up and so for me it was all about books for my shelf and my kindle! Already I have a massive number of books sitting in piles on my shelves and in folders on my kindle to be read (plus a few NetGalleys I am long overdue to read) but a girl can always use more books! So here are some of the books I will be reading over the next few months (or years with how slowly I am reading at the moment).


  1. For Darkness Shows the Stars is on my list too, as well as Scorpio Races. I enjoyed The List and Burn for Burn. Hope you do to. Enjoy!

  2. I see a lot of goodies that I would like. My Kindle is jammed full of books that are waiting to be read. I keep buying them. Ugh.