20 November 2012

Running Thoughts - The Walking Dead 3x06

My mental vomiting of thoughts while watching the walking dead continues. I want to share my thoughts on the latest episode of The Walking Dead with my buddy "Sheriff Claw" and all of you...

If you have not seen this episode yet, do not read on, lots of spoilers ahead for episode 3x05

The Walking Dead 3x06 - "Hounded"

I am finally home from tonight's technical rehearsal of Richard the Third, which I am assistant director for. It has been a long few days setting everything up and running after everyone with my bum knee in a freezing converted church. But I am now settled and warm and ready for some bloodshed and zombies. Bring it on!!!

Previously... The Guv'nor, sword, Michonne, T-Dog and Carol dead, zombie fight, Andrea, caesarian section, baby, Rick flipping out, Merle loves Daryl, Michonne leaves, Andrea stays, ring ring...

In the woods Merle and a hunting party stumble across some mutilated zombie parts that look like they are a message. One of them figures out that it is a message spelling "Go Back". It was quite clever with the GO spelled out and then the back of a torso. I probably would not have figured it out so quickly. The one that worked it out is totally freaking out and Merle tells him to nut up and then proceeds to call him Neil as he can't pronounce the poor boy's last name. I hate Merle again.

Merle shouts out for Michonne to come out of hiding saying that she is never going to beat them with her sword. Before you know it she has dropped from somewhere (the trees?) and chops of one head and sticks another one. As she is running away she is shot in the leg, looks like a flesh wound to me, and dissappears into the woods. I am guessing fresh blood may be a bad thing to have running down your leg in a world infested with zombies!!

Credits... creepy.

Rick is on the phone with a woman who is, rightly so, being shady about her location. Rick wants to come and join forces with them as she claims they are some place safe. Crazy Rick had cracked and tells her that they are all dying here. He told her that he has a son and a newborn, Rick has no idea yet that it is a girl since he went all nuts and on his killing rampage.

Rick comes back in to see how everyone is doing and pats Carl on the back. He has cleaned himself up and changed his closes which is good since he was looking totally funky before. He does not even look at his baby, possibly because it would mean to him that Lori is really dead and that he is on his own raising her. Axl is clearing out the generator room in case they have to use it for an emergency, but there is no mention of the phone call to the group. He is playing this one close to his chest.

Poor Neil is being sick over the decapitated head of his buddy. Merle tells them that they are in the Red Zone and they will have to move. Have the zoned everywhere close to the cult camp, and if so, what exactly defines it as a red zone? Do they have amber and green zones too? Merle stabs one of them in the head and gets Neil to do the other one so that they don't turn. Good call Merle!

Andrea is still at the cult camp and reeling from the zombie showdown fight. She claims to get it, and seems to be pissed at the Guv'nor. She asks for duty on the wall shooting at things and seems to be getting what she wants, but I am still suspicious. I am kind of bored of the Andrea scenes now. It annoys me that she is still buying into all the nonsense going on and can't see that the Guv'nor is not someone to be trusted. It is irritating how stupid she has become this season.

Waiting for a phone call must be even more boring when all you have to play with are bolts, but Rick finally gets the callback he has been waiting for. There is a man on the other end of the phone that confirms that where they are staying is safe. Sounds a bit like the propaganda being spun over at the cult camp. He wants to know if Rick has killed anyone, and to his credit Rick takes ownership of the murders he has committed. There was the 2 in the bar when they were staying at the barn, the machete in the head and Shane! Mr phone seems to want to run some grief counselling over the phone and asks how Rick lost his wife. He is still in no mental state to talk about this and for saying this the other guy hangs up. What strikes me as odd is that he could receive incoming calls but there is no dial tone. Does this mean that the call is coming from inside the prison?

Andrea is up on the wall sharing stories of killing family members with another girl who is seems to be on guard. There is a zombie coming and the girl on guard misses twice, come one love don't make us look feeble and pathetic. Andrea jumps the wall and stabs him in the eye. She gets that look on her face like Michonne did that seems to say "I have missed killing stuff!" Are you back Andrea?

Rick is alone in the boiler room and Hop-Along-Hershel comes in to shoot the breeze with Rick. They talk a little about Lori and Hershel tells him to take time, which I think is pretty cool since they are on the back foot at the moment. Rick tells Hershel about the phone call, and while he was doing it I started to wonder if the phone calls were figments of Rick's imagination. He seemed to completely snap during the last episode, so it could easily be that he has imagined a utopia as a coping mechanism. Hershel offers to wait with him, but Rick wants to be alone.

Merle and Neil are still Michonne hunting the woods when they suddenly find her. It seems like she cut Neil when she swung, but when he was holding his side there was no blood or evidence of being cut, so I think he was lucky. Merle and Michonne tussle and Michonne is kickass even without her sword, breaking Merle's nose, no more modelling jobs for you Merle! Unluckily for them 3 walkers try to eat them, Merle is trying to keep one of them off him and Michonne only just gets her sword. One of the most disgusting things yet, was when Michonne sliced at the walker's stomach and all his guts fall out of the newly made wound and land on her lying underneath. It was wonderful. By the time the boys recover, Michonne has fled again.

Oscar, Daryl and Carl are on zombie clearing duty. Daryl and Carl are walking together and Daryl talks about his mother dying in a fire she set by smoking in bed. Carl admits to shooting Lori before she had turned and all in all it was a really sweet and touching moment. Daryl and Carl will make a kickass team!

Uh-oh, Andrea has been called into the Guv'nor's office because she is in trouble for jumping the wall. He takes the wall guard duty away from her as punishment. I really don't care any more what she does. There is weird flirting and I am distracted by dust on my wall!

Neil wants to finish hunting Michonne and it is now clear from his t-shirt that he did get sliced by her. Merle wants to go back and tell the Guv'nor that she is dead anyway. Classic Merle! After some more talking, where Neil wants to tell the Gov the truth, Merle shoots him in the head. Well that's that decided then, lying to the Guv it is!
Michonne is getting her stuff when 4 walkers appear, however they walk right past her as she is covered in zombie guts, it is season one all over again!!

The woman is back on the phone wanting to talk about Lori. She calls him Rick and suddenly I am convinced that this is all in his head! Poor crazy Rick!

Michonne stumbles upon a car park, of what looks to be a closed up shop. What would you know, Maggie and Glen pull up in their car. I have been looking forward to this after seeing a teaser for it on last weeks preview. Maggie and Glen are being all lovey dovey with each other and then start to open the shop. A few birds fly out and I jumped so high. I mean birds can be evil and angry. When they gang together you better watch out!! The film The Birds is a good cautionary tale. Maggie asks Glen to get the toy duck as a "kid growing up in prison could use some toys" therefore giving Michonne all the information she needs to work out where they are and that they have some young! Silly woman!

Andrea, flirty, garden, drinking. Uncomfortable flirting now. Yuck. Talky talky, boring!! Kissing, so stupid Andrea!

Yay, it seems that they now have lots of formula for baby plus other tasty goods!! Aww shit, it's Merle, just when I thought Michonne might come out of hiding and introduce herself, he shows up! Neither Glen or Maggie trust Merle with his sword attached to his stump. Merle wants to know about Daryl, and Glen has the good idea of saying that he will go and tell Daryl where Merle is and he will come back to meet him. It's with good reason that they don't trust him as, before you know it he has drawn another gun and has taken Maggie captive. Glen refuses to take them to his "camp", but Merle is going to take them somewhere different anyway... the cult I am guessing!! Michonne is left there looking at the formula, knowing that there are people holed up in a prison and they need this baby food. Go on Michonne, go and take the food to get yourself in!!

During patrol Oscar finds a pair of slippers and is very excited. I loved this little touch of funny in with all the drama going on in the prison, and I have to say that I would be pretty excited about slippers too. I love slippers!! Suddenly a zombie, they all shoot, but there is a knife stuck in it's neck. It's Carol's knife... I really hope this means she is alive as they can't kill her off in such a crappy fashion that they just find her scarf and assume she is dead!! Daryl looks hopeful too - go and get her Daryl!

Another phone call with the voices and Rick actually looks scared of it this time. Oh lordy, I think I was right. Rick has been talking to the dead. The reason they are all safe is that they are in heaven. He has been talking to Amy, Jim, Jackie and he is currently having a conversation with Lori. Rick pours out his soul and all his guilt over letting her die. I hope this means that he can pull himself together and take up the Ricktatorship again. He needs to go and look after his baby and Lori's voice tells him this too!!

Andrea got some, so she must be happy! Merle lied his ass off about killing Michonne and why he doesn't have either her head or her sword! And now it sounds like he is planning on torturing Glen and Maggie for the location of where they are staying. It is a busy day in the cult!

It seems like they have managed to steal some nice baby clothes for the baby, and Rick is finally holding her and being a dad!

It looks like it is Daryl's turn to go nuts. He is sitting stabbing at the ground listening to a banging door, once he opens the door he does not find a walker like he expected, but Carol!! Yay Carol! I am so happy that she is not dead. Daryl carries her out of there like a hero!

Outside Rick passes the baby to Carl and he sees something in the distance. When he walks up to the fence, there are the usual walkers and then there is Michonne carrying the basket full of formula standing in the middle of them all covered in their smell! The look on her face is so desperate to have somewhere to rest and recharge that I am really hoping Rick will let her in (of course he will, it would be a shit series otherwise!). I actually clapped to see Michonne there, but I am surprised she could walk so far so quickly when Glen commented that they might get back for dinner and her was in a car. I hope she tells the gang where Glen and Maggie are soon. I smell a rescue coming on!

Next time... Glen torture, group hunting, Michonne killing zombies, slutty Andrea, Michonne dishing the dirt on the Guv, Maggie torture, flashes and the Glen being punched.

There are some parts of this show for me that I love and get really excited for and then there are most of the bits with Andrea. I really hope the lid get's blown off the cult by Rick and the gang so that we can move on. Next week I con't wait to find out -

- How Michonne is going to get on with everyone.
- If Carol is ok.
- What they are going to name the baby.
- How long will Glen last under torture before spilling everything?
- I know Axl was "fixing the generator", but where was he really?

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