06 November 2012

Running Thoughts - Walking Dead 3x04

My mental vomiting of thoughts while watching the walking dead continues. I want to share my thoughts on the latest episode of The Walking Dead with my buddy "Sheriff Claw" (he loves the nickname I made up for him... really!) and all of you...

If you have not seen this episode yet, do not read on, lots of spoilers ahead for episode 3x04

The Walking Dead 3x04 - "Killer Within"

These thoughts may be a bit more random that previously as I have been taking pain killers today for my knee as I slipped on the stairs in the office today and they are making me a bit loopy. Hopefully tomorrow at physio it will all be OK and not have set me back any. For now I am going to lay back and enjoy the zombies in my happy doped up state. I really hope we get to see Otis and his fine 'tache again...

Previously... Starting with some of the cold people slayings we have had this season, hopefully setting the mood for some more deaths! I can't believe Andrea fell for all his nonsense. Woo Otis!

Was that deer body outside the gates? This must mean it's the person who was spying on Carol as none of the others would leave to go and get a half eaten deer! Would they?
Well that's one way to get the walkers attention, throw stones at them.
Would Zombies really have the reasoning to leave food and go and investigate more potential food? Surely they would just keep feeding then move on to the next bit of flesh?
That is some good zombie make up. I have been watching Face Off recently and I now really appreciate a good zombie look!
OMG is that a fresh heart?

Credits... spooky!

The Rictatorship is getting organised bringing in the cars and discussing how to get rid of the dead walkers. I take it this is what Lori meant by cleaning. If she suggested it should she not be out there helping?
High five, Glen is getting it on with Maggie in the guard tower. I bet he was standing to attention!!
I like Carol's new hat! If she is out there tidying, what became of her little experiment? Did she manage to practice the caesarian on the withered up old corpse? What were the insides like? Was it successful  We need to know these things!
Rick you should let the prisoners join your group. I am sure you would love two more people to boss about.
Hold up, these prisoners were talking to Rick and having a very reasonable discussion about their living conditions. I am guessing that after almost 300 days, bodies that have been shot execution style probably leave a bit of a stink and I wouldn't want to live there either. So, since when does Daryl call the shots and decide for the group? Daryl can tell me what to do all day long, but I thought this was supposed to be a Ricktatorship!
I really like that T-Dog is getting more of a role and a voice this season. He is developing into a really nice character and I like that he wants to let the others join their group.

Oh we are switching scenes this episode. It's a nice change of pace from having had it all prison and then all cult camp. So, back at cult camp...
I like that they have built up walls by using big trucks, but Michonne does not seem as convinced. I think she will work this all out quite quickly.
Creepy Guv'nor, get away from her. You don't want her head in a jar, it's good on her shoulders!
I really dislike the Guv'nor. As a character he has been built up well to seem really menacing even when he is being nice and this is totally creepy but kind of enjoyable at the same time. Maybe I will ponder it while drinking at looking at my wall of fish tank heads!
Michonne just keeps poking the bear, picking apart everything he tell her and all of his explanations. I want to see her out fighting with her samurai sword again... escape Michonne!

Back at the prison we have piles of bodies at the side of the road, that is a lot of cleaning they have been doing. T-Dog's conscience is getting the better of him and he claims to not want any more human blood on his hands. With a dwindling population this is probably a good idea.
Otis tries to offer his help with tuning Daryl's bike. I like the idea of having some new characters in the mix to see what skills they can bring to the party, but Daryl really shouldn't let just anyone mess with his bike! Otis is so desperate, it is quite pathetic really.

I see the inappropriate relationship between Carl and Beth is still being alluded to. It is a little weird, is Carl not only 13 years old?
Hershel is getting back on his feet. That feels fast, has his stump even had time to heal? Healing is exhausting! As someone who has spent the last 5 weeks on crutches trying to get around, I really feel for Hershel and all the shit he is about to have to learn again, like stairs... I hate stairs, they are my nemesis! Sorry a little off track there!

At the cult camp Michonne is plotting her escape. Water and a boat always seemed like a good idea to me. Docking when you need supplies and living off a little island.
I really think Andrea should be listening to Michonne's gut. I mean has it really ever led them wrong yet? There is something off and creepy about this place, get out!
I am kind of getting a bit bored of these scenes, I feel like we learn very little in each camp scene. I know it's interesting to change up the pace in the episode, but this is a bit too sluggish compared to the prison scenes.

Where did they just lock up the prisoners? Looked like the fence corridor. It also looks like Otis and the other one (do we know his name yet? Is it just escaping me?) are being looked after to an extent, and not just being left to fend for themselves. Food and safety is all anyone can ask for at this point.
At least they are thinking to the future now and discussing why burning the bodies is so important to them. Who knows what can happen if your veggies have been grown in zombie compost!

Hershel at least still has both trouser legs. I thought Beth got a bit one-leg-happy two episodes ago and cut them all off at the knee on one leg. It would have been amusing if she had cut the wrong leg off his trousers!
Lori is so annoying. Sometimes you just need time and space to work things out for yourself without people standing about telling you not to fall. Like that's going to help him if he loses his balance.
Oh no. I have paused the episode to collect myself as this all seems to nice and happy. You know what that means... some kind of attack is about to come!
Shizz, walkers! How come Carl, with his back to them, was the first to notice? You would have thought that some of the people looking at Hershel and the others would have picked up on them first.
Don't leave the fence open Glen. That would just mean more walker clean up later!

Where have all these walkers come from all of a sudden?
Everyone is a pretty good shot now. Lots of nice clean head shots. Is no one missing their targets?

Hershel now has a good skull crushing crutch at his disposal.
Locking the gates after you seemed like a really good idea at the time. Why are there so many padlocks? I thought they were using the faster climbing clip and chain method of keeping gates shut. In hindsight that probably would have been better.
Who left the damn gate open? I smell sabotage! Maybe the wee guy who Rick put out to die is still alive and messing with them all (It was suggested a few weeks ago on The Talking Dead Podcast that we never saw him die!)!!!
I love this, it is all so suspenseful!
Lori, Maggie and Carl, where are you going? This looks more like the big spaces I thought prisons would have. More walkers, but only three... I would have thought killing them would have been better than going into the tunnels again. That has not worked out well so far!
Give the prisoners weapons, there are a lot of walkers to put down!
T-Dog behind you... no I was really liking getting to know him!

Back at the cult camp Andrea is supplying Merle with a map of where she last saw Daryl. That was nice of her and how does he repay her? By being all creepy, come on Merle! At least Andrea is holding her own.
Andrea should go and find the old gang.
Is she at last questioning the Guv'nor's motives? It feels like she might be suspicious and then Merle has to go and defend him!

Finally the cavalry (Rick, Daryl and Glen) are through the gates to come and save the day.
Daryl is badass! That was an awesome knife to the head, it split the skull in two like it was a melon. That is my favourite kill of the season so far!
There was sabotage!!! As expected Rick and the others think the prisoners, who look like they are going to shit themselves, did it. Do you really think they would hang about if they had unleashed zombies, Rick?
Things are going from bad to work as the "escaped prisoner" siren has started going off and it is drawing all the walkers on the outside to the prison. How well did Glen tie up that fence?
There is some talk of back up generators and the main gates being opened with power, this is bad, but it seems like one of the prisoners knows where all of the generators are, so they head off to see what's going on.

Back in the tunnels and T-Dog is not doing so well. Carol is being realistic and basically offered to kill him, but bless, T-Dog thinks that Hershel can help him with his shoulder wound. It looks too high up, they would have to cut off some neck to get it all and I am thinking that will probably kill him!

Lori, Maggie and Carl are wandering aimlessly though the tunnels when Lori looks like she is staring to have contractions! The walkers can smell her fear and desperation and descend upon them causing them to turn back with Carl taking point. You go Carl!
Shizz, they are being boxed in by walkers now, just give them Lori and run, she is only going to slow you down.
Carl manages to find the boiler room and the only door in the whole prison that does not shut properly and they take refuge. At least the walkers seem too stupid to notice the open door, so that's good or there probably would be a few down in the boiler room with them.

At the camp the Guv'nor is playing golf trying to hit the walkers on the outside. It looks quite fun.
Merle proposes going on a Hunting mission to track down Daryl. I have to agree with the Guv'nor that it has been too long since they were at the farm and it will probably be a bit pointless.
He can't be swayed though and still wants to look. The Guv'nor manages to fob him off with a promise that if they can get a better lead they will go and find him together. This totally sounds like something you tell a child to make them go to sleep.

Power looks to be coming back on and Lori is about to give birth with only Maggie and Carl to help. I suggest Carl stays up at Lori's head, just a suggestion!
Brutal, Lori seems to be giving birth standing up, it looks like ninja level birthing. And that blood does not look good!

T-Dog and Carol are still moving thought the tunnels and when they come upon more walkers T-Dog runs at them to give Carol a chance to escape. This is a bit like suicide by zombies. It is quite sweet in a way. I hope she lives her life well to honour him.
So long T-dog, you will be missed!

At cult camp the Guv'nor seems to be OK with Andrea and Michonne leaving, I think it is all an act.
The Guv'nor not wanting Merle to have any hope that his brother is still out there is cruel.
At least Andrea is getting boozed up before she leaves. That is a girl with her prioroties straight.
He really gives me the heeby-jeebies and I somehow don't believe he is going to hand over Michonne's sword so easily.
Philip, seems like a nice name for such a creepy man, it's probably a lie.
I totally thought he was going to try and kiss Andrea.

Shutting down the generators seemed easy enough, and I don't see why convict number 2 couldn't have pointed to the shut off switch and stayed to help Daryl at the door.

Arggh, it's the wee guy. He didn't die after all. I have totally forgotten his mane too so until it is mentioned he will be convict 3!
Rick needs to get on with killing con 3. Daryl is multitasking like a boss! Shoot, stab, door! He is getting it done.
Yeah, con 2 saved Rick from con 3 and then shot con 3 in the head. Don't do anything stupid now man, give Rick back his gun!

Is Lori going to die? Happy days!
Things are looking dire, but at least Lori can face the truth that they will probably both die if they don't cut the baby out, and at least that way the baby might survive. Neither Maggie or Carl know what to do here, but Carl has a knife. He wants to go for help on his own, but Maggie and Lori both say no. When has that stopped Carl before?
Maggie looks like she won't do it.

Michonne looks super pissed back at camp that Andrea wants to stay a few more days, and I don't blame her. Andrea is so fickle and changes her mind at every turn. When is she going to think for herself and not just do what she is told?

I am beginning to like Lori again, just as she is saying her dying goodbyes to Carl. Finally she seems strong again and not clouded in guilt that it's probably Shane's baby! This is quite touching and I think if I had less painkillers in my system I may have cried. I don't think I really want her to die any more.

She is asking Maggie to kill her when she turns, well Lori might try and eat her baby otherwise!
Who was her final "goodnight love" too? I think it was her putting it out there to Rick.
Woah, not even trying to go for the possibility of Lori surviving. Maggie is just cutting away at her stomach.
I can't describe how gory that was, pulling the baby out of Lori's stomach. Now they have a baby to look after.
Carl offering to kill his mother so she doesn't come back as a walker and the flashback to Rick lecturing him on growing up last season brought a little tear to my eye.
And it's done, shooting her may have been a bad idea with so many walkers in the tunnel, silly boy!

All this sad music for Rick's team and Glen's team meeting up and then finding T-Dog's body is too much. Maybe I'm now overly emotional. Sad times and Rick still has no idea that his wife is dead, sob!
They don't think Carol made it... please tell me they are wrong, I can't stand any more deaths this episode.

Hershel and Beth are still good and when Maggie comes out with the baby and Carl, I think my heart broke a little for them all. This was such good acting. I am not ashamed to say I was actually crying tears of sadness. Rick... what can I say, he still really loved Lori.

On the next episode... It looks like Rick is going off the rails. The gang have to figure out how to look after a newborn, 3 Men and a Baby style, and it looks like there are problems in the Cult camp (good).

This has to be one of my favourite episodes so far, maybe it's the pills talking but this was amazing. I need to go and sort the mascara on my face and the last time I had to do that was for the end of season 2 of Dance Academy (The best show ever). The series has totally stepped up it's game from last season. I am too sad just now to think of any of my burning questions, lets just see what next week holds.

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