26 November 2012

Running Thoughts - The Walking Dead 3x07

My mental vomiting of thoughts while watching the walking dead continues. I want to share my thoughts on the latest episode of The Walking Dead with my buddy "Sheriff Claw" and all of you...

If you have not seen this episode yet, do not read on, lots of spoilers ahead for episode 3x07

The Walking Dead 3x07 - "When the Dead Come Knocking"

So the play is over and I now don't know what to do with all of my time! Only joking, I can't tell you how much work and housework have piled up over the past few weeks. I have taken some time to sit down and watch the Walking Dead - When the Dead Come Knocking. I am guessing that the title refers to Michonne since Merle told The Governor that she was dead!! I'm so excited!

Previously... No one leaves, closed gates, shot in the leg, bad guy Merle, stupid guy Glen, eavesdropping Michonne, Merle will work out where they have camp and Michonne and the zombies.

Such a good opening scene that really makes me hate both Merle and The Guv'nor. I mean come on he has to know what kind of lengths Merle will go to get this information from Glen and then you know that, like with the soldiers, The Guv'nor will probably want to go and wipe them out and take their supplies.
So Merle is torturing Glen, and doing a pretty good job of it with his sword-hand. He tells Glen that it is his fault that he was taken prisoner and tortured. If only he had lowered his gun to Merle when he saw him, and not left him on the roof for that matter, none of this would be happening. Then Merle disses poor T-Dog, let the man rest in peace Merle! He reminds up that Glen was the cunning and sneaky one back at the beginning of season 1. He took the risks. Now one thing that confused me was that Merle refers to Maggie as the "Farmers Daughter". How does Merle know that Maggie is the farmers daughter? Did they just guess from what Andrea has said about them all?

I can't wait to see what happens when Daryl and Merle meet again. I really hope Daryl defends his people against his brother. You just know there is going to be some major conflict!

Credits... Creepy!

I love Michonne, the image of her standing there with the look in her eye that screams that she is desperate for help and to find a place with some good people, while she is surrounded by walkers has to be my favourite visual of this whole series so far! The bad thing is that she is still bleeding from the shot in her leg and it looks like Rick has not decided if he wants to help her or not yet. Carl is all over it, up at the gate with the keys, and when Michonne passes out trying to fight the zombies off, he is the one that nuts up and shoots them in the head. So as we expected they go and get Michonne and the basket full of formula and cary her inside.

So after bringing in Michonne they try and get her name from her and take away her sword. They tell her that they won't hurt her unless she tries something first and that they are locking her up away from them without her sword for just now. Basically she is in the same position she was in while at Woodbury Cult Camp, but at least this lot are being honest about the facts.
In the cell block Daryl has something to show Rick, and that something is Carol. This is a really touching scene where we can see how happy Rick is that he didn't lose another member of his gang. She survived by fighting her way to solitary and then passing out there. The looks that are shared when she sees the baby and Rick made me well up again, and it was not just me, poor Carl was welling up too and could probably have used a hug from Carol. I think Michonne realised she was going to be OK with this lot when she watched them all interacting with each other in an honest way.

Back at Woodbury and I am already bored. I can't wait until the gang blow into town to get Glen and Maggie. I know it gives a bit of variety and shows just how grim the prison really is by comparison, but all of the characters here really annoy me, especially Andrea! Dr Frankenstein passes on the message that Mr Coleman is ready to The Guv'nor who then tries to talk to Andrea, she tries to jump his bones. I hope there is a zombie infestation soon, maybe just a handful of zombies to spice stuff up.

Michonne starts talking about how she found the prison and that the "young Asian guy" and the "pretty girl" got taken. Just after she tells them that they were taken my the same son'bitch who shot her (who we know is Merle and Daryl's brother... say it, say it...) she pauses and they put pressure on her by pressing her wound, and point a crossbow at her... Probably not the best way to get info from her! After getting the basics, Woodbury, 75 survivors, pretty boy Guv'nor (pretty... really?), armed guards etc... Michonne then mentions that she things they can slip through and get in! Yay, go get them!!

Glen has had the absolute shit kicked out of him. He looks really messed up. I agree he is a lot tougher than I took him for! Merle is messing with Glen's head saying that no one is coming to rescue him. Glen talks it all up and says that there is too many of them for Merle to fight and starts listing everyone including Shane, Dale, Jim and Andrea.... ruh-roh and I think from Merle's reaction Glen realises he has made a mistake!

Michonne is being stitched up by Hershel and looks like she is still not trusting them by the look she gives Carl. Did anyone else notice that she was wearing a necklace with the letter A on it? I wonder is that is part of her back story, or belonged to Andrea at one point?!?
The gang are assembling a rescue party to go and get Glen and Maggie. Beth offers to go with Rick, and then Axl (hey Axl!) and Oscar offer too. They are taking some pretty impressive weaponry, flash grenades and tear gas along with all of their guns, all packed tidily into the boot of their car. Michonne makes some comment about how she couldn't believe that they have cleared the whole prison and Beth comments that there were more of them, but they have only really lost T-Dog and Lori so far (and half of Hershal's leg) it just feel much less without Maggie and Glen doing it in the guard tower.
Rick and Carl finally talk about Carl shooting Lori and then he asks Carl to look after them all if something happens and to take care of his sister. It was sweet when Carl tells Rick that Daryl has been calling her Ass-kicker and then they settle on the name Judith after Carl's 3rd Grade teacher. This seems a little weird unless he just likes the name, which is completely acceptable, however after a teacher that you have not seen in years is weird. Daryl and Carol say good bye... kiss... aww shucks, not this time!! Looks like Axl is staying behind as well as he is still inside when they shut the gate.

Mr Coleman seems to be the oldest member of Woodbury and is being nursed by Dr Frankenstein while there is some old school music playing. The Guv'nor thanks Mr Coleman for doing a great service for them all... my spider sense is tingling!! The Doc rings a prayer bowl and then asks Mr Coleman a bunch of questions about who he was married to and who his children were. It looks like Mr Coleman is about to bite the dust, poor man!

Glen is struggling with his restraints, but he has been welded on to that chair with Duct tape!! Oh shit! Merle is now torturing Glen with the threat of a zombie on a stick. This is not looking good! Merle releases the zombie and Glen does amazingly with all the crap in the room, especially as he has his whole forearm taped to a chair. They fight and Glen finally (and painfully by the sounds of it) smashes his chair against the wall. The zombie bites into his forearm, but as we know from doc, duct tape is rather zombie resistant, so Glen has the upper hand and shoves something through his head! I actually clapped at the end of this scene because Glen is a badass!! Go Glen!

The Doc and his creepy tea explains the basis for the experiment to see if there is anything left of Mr Coleman once he has turned. Andrea is there to finish him off! There is some chatting about how the Doc has never seen anyone turn, then the old dude dies and they begin to tighten his restraints.

Merle reports back on how he has got nothing from Glen, and how awesome Glen was with the Zombie (my words!). The Guv'nor tells Merle that he will go and speak to Maggie to find out what she knows and where there camp is. I actually seriously don't know if the Guv'nor is really stupid or not. Doe he think that telling her that they will drive her back to her camp, she can't talk to Glen because her people are dangerous, we will bring them back here and you'll be safe will work? everything contradicts each other. Also I think that he thinks he is being charming, and really it is just coming off as creepy and sleasy! I feel like I need a wash after watching that! Now he is making her strip and it's really creepy, ok and it looks like he is going to try and rape her and she still stays silent. Looks like he was bluffing for now! I hate him so much!

So the rescue team decide to stop their car a few mile from Woodbury to avoid patrols and they set off into the forest to walk the rest of the way. Rick thanks Daryl for holding everything together and Daryl tells him that it is just what we do. He is totally team Rick! After a while they notice that they are totally surrounded by zombies, I guess they are in "the red zone"!! They make a run for an old run down house and find a crazy person hiding inside who then threatens to call the cops. How long has this guy been out there for? The zombies are all nicely lined up against the house, the long and short of it is that Michonne kills the crazy man before he can let all the zombies in and then they decide to use him as bait while they run out the back. It's blood and guts galore and amazing!

Mr Coleman changes and poor Doc tries to get Mr C to answer the same questions. He thinks that the restraints are stopping him so takes one off against Andrea's wishes! Stupid! Zombie Mr C tries to eat his face and Andrea stabs him in the top of the head. It must be a good knife to get through the skull with no effort!

After all they have been through Maggie and Glen are finally back together when she is brought still topless into his room. When the gun is pointed at Glens head, Maggie cracks and tells them where their campo is and how many they are.
The Guv'nor and his men are having a very interesting discussion. They are trying to decide if Maggie is lying about there only being 10 of them at the prison, or if there are more. If there are more then they have trouble, but if there is only 10 they have done something that Merle said was impossible. I have to assume they are talking about taking the prison which we have just been told is in the middle of the red zone! Go Team Rick!!

The gang sneak up on Woodbury and scope it out. The Guv'nor asks where Merle's loyalties lie and he states with Woodbury. I think his loyalties lie with Daryl, but when he finds out that Daryl does not feel the same way all hell will break loose. The Guv'nor sends a recon party out to the prison to see what's going on... (3 kids, a one legged man, Carol and Axl are what's going on!) Andrea goes back to the Guv'nor telling him that Mr C died and the Doc didn't find what he was looking for. Sad face Guv!

Net time... Oooohhh... mid season finale! Glen and Maggie look like they are going to be shot execution style (al least Glen gave Maggie his top), The Guv wants to kill them so Andrea doesn't find out. Daryl finds out his brother is there. Carl is taking charge with some zombies and making decisions (he tells someone to "leave her". Who?). Another zombie fight. Is Michonne the enemy? And a battle!!

I can't believe we are at the mid season finale already!! I can't wait to see what happens when the two camps clash. Have both camps got their best people scouting out the other camp? Who does Carl want to leave behind? I am so excited, are you?

All pictures from amctv.com.

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