12 November 2012

Running Thoughts: The Walking Dead 3x05

My mental vomiting of thoughts while watching the walking dead continues. I want to share my thoughts on the latest episode of The Walking Dead with my buddy "Sheriff Claw" and all of you...

If you have not seen this episode yet, do not read on, lots of spoilers ahead for episode 3x05

The Walking Dead 3x05 - "Say The Word"

It is going to be really hard for this episode to top last week's one!

Previously... Gate, Lori, cult Camp, T-Dog v. the zombies, Andrea is a fool, C-section, baby, gun shot, despair.

In the Cult camp they are drinking ice cold drinks and they are all having a party and there is going to be some creepy shenanigans tonight. Michonne still does not trust them at the camp, and neither do I! I think Michonne should leave soon even if Andrea does not come with her.

The Guv'nor is doing some personal grooming on someone and pulls out most of her hair, because she is a zombie child!! He is keeping her in a straight jacket and hood, but she still wants to eat his face. This is his daughter and Michonne seems to have seen everything standing outside the window a floor down.

Credits... creepy.

The baby appears to be healthy, but Rick is in a daze and baby is going to need food to survive. We know that the baby is a she and Carl is being a good brother by holding her. Daryl is going to make a run to try and get baby food and begins to take point on giving the others instructions as to what they should do. Both Maggie and Glen want to go with Daryl and Beth is going to look out for Carl. These two will probably become a couple soon. I still think it is a little weird that he is so young. Daryl is very attractive when he takes charge and he really seems to care about Rick, Carl and the baby! Rick takes off with an axe and I can only imagine what he is planning to do. It seems to be that there is a shortage of baby supplies about and all the local stores have been looted so they are heading off to a shopping centre. I am guessing that this will either also be looted, or totally over run with zombies.

The con's seem to be stepping up to the plate pretty quickly working the gates. Did they even know about Lori? Up until now they seemed to have been kept pretty separate from the group. Were they surprised to see Maggie walking out with a newborn in her arms?

Rick is on a zombie killing mission slicing down anything in his way.

Back at cult camp they seem to be celebrating the anniversary of the camp. Everyone has very nice colourful glassware in this town. How is it that all the other houses we have seen have been looted to the max and this crazy little cult is pristine? Michonne has finally found the balls to take back her sword and gets a bit nosey. Well I would poke around too! In the book of crazy scribblings she finds a list of names with the name Penny at the bottom underlined and some major OCD type dashes for pages and pages. Michonne hears movement which must be zombie child, but gets interrupted in her curiosity by The Guv'nor, Merle and the doc. The Doc is talking about an experiment he is working on and needs power for. Is he Dr. Frankensteining the zombies? The Guv'nor just became really southern all of a sudden, even to my British ears it sounded weird!

Michonne is doing some exploring round a creepy factory covered in rotting guts, when she stumbles upon a cage of zombies. This is like a birthday to Michonne who immediately sets them free and in a badass style backs up to get some space and gets to some great chopping and head stomping. The keeper of the zombie zoo comes out of the factory for feeding time, looks like this may have been something to do with "the experiment" and Michonne is going to be in trouble!

Ruh-ro, looks like Michonne has been brought up in front of the headmaster! Michonne does not say much, but when she does she makes it count. I can't tell if Michonne saying "bet you say that about all the girls" gave away that she probably is just stabbing in the dark about the zombie child! The Guv'nor really wants too keep his hooks in Andrea, I wonder why. This feels like a chapter from the shitty parenting handbook. "I was about to give you this pretty toy, but you were bad so I'm not" how is that going to motivate anyone? Woo, go Michonne, showing him what you can do and getting your sword back at the same time is some awesome multitasking. She obviously does not need Merle to take care of her! The Guv'nor is just going to sit and think of other ways he can be a total creepy dick!

Glen is digging graves for the fallen and me looks so sad it breaks my heart a little. Axel and Oscar offer to help Glen dig the graves and there is a very touching moment when they talk about the group being family, not just friends. I really hope they work Oscar and Axel into the group. Hershel is supervising on one leg. He and Glen talk about how awesome T-Dog was and I get sad all over again. I really can't believe Carol is dead though, there was no evidence apart from her dropped non bloody headscarf. Rick is till inside going mental, I hope he does not accidentally chop human Carol's head off!

Andrea turns up looking slutty to the Guv'nor's office. This whole scene makes me laugh. The Guv'nor sounds like a total baby talking about how Michonne killed his pet zombies with her own sword! I can't believe Andrea is still entertaining this guy. He has just laid out all the reasons they should leave and Andrea still wants to stay. They should totally be escaping. I think Andrea the hussy wants to stay so she can get herself some Guv'nor!

Glen if following a trail of chopped up zombies, and what is his prize at the end? Rick standing with a bloody and dripping axe like a stereotypical horror movie villain He seems to flip out on Glen, he seems to have no idea who Glen is or what he should be doing now. This is worrying, what is going to happen to the Ricktatorship?

I have no idea what is going on here, there is some kind of solar panel powered turning thing, and a really primitive zombie catching hole. Is this like a weird zombie version of The Deadliest Catch? Creepy Doc has made himself and anti zombie jacket, I wouldn't really call that a good test though, one zombie who barely nibbled your arm. Merle has now decided to be come a zombie dentist by removing some teeth. Good luck with that career choice Merle.

It looks like Maggie and Daryl have stumbled upon a daycare facility and Maggie is breaking in to investigate. This is giving me major heebie jeebies, I really don't want to see any zombie babies! Daryl creeping down the hall and the music is too much, I don't want to know what happened here (Well, I really do!)!! Shit there is some super scary banging noises coming from a cupboard! AND it's a possum... time for some stew!

Finally it looks like Michonne and Andrea have the right idea to leave, but Andrea doesn't actually want to go? Wait I am confused, if they are not allowed to leave Andrea wants to go, but if they are free to go she wants to stay. I am getting tired of Andrea being stupid. When Michonne walked out the doors I did a little whoop for joy, she is finally away from the cult. The Guv'nor seems to be proposing to some drunk sex to take Andrea's mind off it! These two belong together!

This was so sweet, first Daryl looks super hot holding and feeding the baby (what is it with my brain?). Then Carl suggesting all of the names of the women that the group have lost as names for the baby made me want to hug him!! Seriously when did he become such a great character?!? OK, I think we can now say that Rick has gone super crazy! There is a puddle of Lori's pregnancy mess all over the floor, but no Lori. It looked like Rick picked up a bullet from the floor which must mean that Carl could not bring himself to shoot his mother and fired at the ground instead. I thought the fat zombie was post-pregnancy Lori zombie, alas no! What really makes this show for me are the little details, and the sound of the zombie's teeth scraping along the barrel of the gun as Rick shoved it in his mouth was awesome and gross at the same time! That zombie looks like it has Lori's hair sticking out of it's mouth and I think Rick is about to gut him to see what's inside! Does he think he can free Lori? Nope just taking out his rage! Good way to do it!

Andrea is being paraded round town like the Guv'nor's queen. Holy shit is this zombie death-match or are they using the zombies as the boxing ring? Hit the side and you're out!! Yup, that pretty much seems like the sum of it, but when the fight gets boring the zombies get closer. This is all just weird, I think I saw a similar thing on Death Valley, but it was a joke. At least it finally looks like Andrea is finally working out that Michonne was right and, as usual, Andrea was wrong! The Fool!

So Daryl is standing by, what I can only assume is Carol's grave and leaving a flower. If she has a grave, that must mean that they found her body and she really is dead. I fell like she was totally cheated out of a good death scene and her death was overshadowed by the much more visible deaths of T-Dog and Lori! This all seems a bit like a dream sequence, Rick is hearing baby crying, but it is actually a phone (what?) and he picks up and answers...

On the next episode... There is someone on the phone, we are dying, Andrea jumps the wall, Michonne and Merle fight, Rick is crazy and clean, is Carol alive, Maggie and Glen maybe meet Michonne? The Guv'nor is still creepy and zombies!

That episode has left me with some burning questions -

- Are we to believe that now Carol might be alive, and if so what did they bury?
- Is Andrea ever going to figure her shit out and leave the cult.
- What is the Doc's "experiment"
- Are the really going to Little Ass-Kicker, because that would be cool, La for short!!

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