04 March 2013

Running Thoughts - The Walking Dead 3x11

My mental vomiting of thoughts while watching the walking dead continues. I want to share my thoughts on the latest episode of The Walking Dead with my buddy "Sheriff Claw" and all of you...

If you have not seen this episode yet, do not read on, lots of spoilers ahead for episode 3x11

The Walking Dead 3x11 - "I Ain't A Judas"

This post is super late. I have no excuses, this is just when I am getting round to posting it. So without further chatter, here is my rather short post for last week's episode!

Previously... ghost, get out, "I got stuff", poor Axel, shooting, zombie van and Daryl and Merle to the rescue.

They all discuss not running from the prison, but staying to protect the prison. Merle is locked up, but it does not stop him from giving his opinion that The Guv is out for blood and won't stop until they are all dead. Hershel shows a bit of , recently unseen, backbone and shouts for Rick to man up and do something soon or they will all die.

Rick goes out into the yard to scan the distance with his binoculars. He sees something, that to me looks like someone hiding behind a tree. Is this in his mind? I am guessing if he was imagining it, then whoever/whatever would not need to hide. Carl comes out and mans up to tell rick to stand down from his position as leader and to let the power team of Hershel and Daryl handle things. What about Glen? is he not able to be part of that dream team?


The Guv is rounding up all the able bodied to make a militia. Boys and girls with guns, sounds like a plan. Andrea comes in and huffs about how the Guv shot up the prison. He claims that it was all them, they shot first and it was not his fault. Damn that man loves to lie. Andrea tells the Guv that she is going to go and see them to talk to them, this goes down like a lead balloon and The Guv breaks out his shit parenting handbook once again to tell her that if she leaves she should not bother coming back.

Andrea wanders through the town where she is stopped by Teen Wolf Mum (yeah I worked it out) who doesn't want her son firing a gun cause he has asthma!

In the prison they are rallying the troops working out a plan to keep themselves safe. Glen tells them that they are running out of food and amo. He is also unhappy that Merle is staying with him, and I understand why since Merle's handiwork is still all over Glen's face! Daryl is pissed that everyone is on team Merle. Michonne looks pissed , but as usual says nothing.

Hershel tries to talk to Merle and it turns into a little bonding session over lost body parts and bible verses. Merle liked to read when he was at Woodbury and it seems that the bible was his book of choice. Personally I would have gone for something more fantasy based, but to each his own. Merle spins some home truths about how the Guv works and how he will kill them all.

The Guv decides to let and old lady with arthritis out of shooting duty for now, but I am sure he will find some other use for her in his army. Andrea tries to stand up for Asthma Boy, but like everyone else, the Guv ignores her.

Carol and Daryl are back together!! Yay. Carol calls the prison a home to which Daryl calls it a tomb. She says she thought the same thing until Daryl found her. Does she mean when she was missing, or in life? those crazy kids! Carol tries to nicely tell Daryl that Merle is bad for him and they giggle together.

Andrea is looking for a way out of the town and ends up enlisting Doc as her helper to escape the town. Doc wants nothing to do with it and says that it is a betrayal against the Guv. Andrea is beginning to see how fucked up it is that they are living in their own prison with children guarding the wall.

Ewwww, puss in the eye socket. Honestly the Guv should not look too closely at that thing. Ahhh, he has found a nice black pirate eye patch that will go with everything he likes to wear. Doc tells the Guv that Andrea is going to escape and the Guv tells Doc to help her. I think that he seems to actually want Andrea to have help so that she does it safely and is in the least amount of danger... but he could just be manipulating them both, AGAIN.

Doc and Andrea sneak up on walker and decide to make a walker camouflage out of him, Michonne style. Doc has his tape coat on again and gets scared when the walker comes towards him. They pin the walker down and hack off both arms and then put a stone under his mouth and stomp on the back of his head to detach the lower jaw. This was possibly one of the most disgusting things. Question... how exactly does this walker shield work? Other walkers can't smell her fresh soapy scent because of the hacked up walker? does that not mean she can just hide in a group of walkers and they will only smell each other? I am confused how this one walker on a stick is magic!

Michonne is doing some of the most amazing push up sit ups I have ever seen. I can only hope for this level of strength and fitness. Merle tells her that it was not personal when he was hunting her, it was only his job.

Tyreese and his gang find Doc and Andrea and Doc offers to take them back to the town and take them in. Andrea sets off on her little walk to the prison with her pet walker in tow. Tyreesetries to offer help, but Andrea is all good!

Carl is on watch out duty when he spies Andrea and her pet coming towards them, and Maggie tells him to go and get the gang. They start shouting at Andrea attracting more walkers before they let her in. Once in she is treated like the prisoner she deserves to be treated like. I am guessing that at this point she is still firmly on team Guv. They do a quick catch up, Lori - dead, Shane - dead, Hershel - one leg, baby - girl, T-dog - dead, Carl - cool, Rick - crazy. Andrea is confused that Michonne has not said loads of great stuff about her and that they are letting Merle stay. Andrea fills them all in on the army at Woodbury, see sees death and destruction coming but won't help them.

Michonne and Andrea have a wee heart to hear about how shit The Guv is. Michonne calls Andrea out saying that she picked a warm bead over a friend. Burn bitch!

Tyreese and his gang are getting cozy in the Woodbury medical centre. They tell the Guv that Rick is a mad man who chased them out of the prison. Tyreese tells the Guv that they are in if they can stay and all the Guv wants in return is the layout of the prison.

There is some Carol, Andrea and baby time which does not make me hat her any less. Carol tells Andrea how Lori and Shane died. Carol wants Andrea to kill the Guv after having sex with him. Cold, but also a good plan, very Greek!

Andrea drives back to Woodbury in a borrowed car after getting her gun back from Rick. She drives away from the prison looking a quite a different group of people to the last time they were together. They are all standing with their guns in their hands ready to take on the next problem. The kids at Woodbury who are guarding the wall still need to learn some stuff, like to crouch behind the wall.

The disgusting couple are reunited. Andrea tells the Guv that they are broken and living like savages. They do it.

Beth sings a little tune to everyone while they are sitting round the fire. I quite like it - catchy. Rick plans to go on a run with Michonne, it sounds like an epic road trip in the making. Andrea goes to kill The Guv but chickens out cause she is crap!

Next time... Rick and Michonne find someone, pile of burned bodies, car stuck, walkers!!, Carl tries to step up, Michonne steps in, new village, people!!

Woop, I can't wait.

Zombie Kill of the week: It was not technically a kill, but Andrea hacking up her walker shield was immense.

Bitch of the Week: Andrea - she had one job to do, kill the Guv!

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