05 March 2013

Running Thoughts - The Walking Dead 3x12

My mental vomiting of thoughts while watching the walking dead continues. I want to share my thoughts on the latest episode of The Walking Dead with my buddy "Sheriff Claw" and all of you...

If you have not seen this episode yet, do not read on, lots of spoilers ahead for episode 3x12

The Walking Dead 3x12 - "Clear"

Right, not that I am up to date I can crack on with this week's episode!

Previously... Rick and the walkie talkie from right back at the beginning, deal Lori's wish, crying Carl, crazy Rick, Michonne's prison days are numbered.

Michonne, Rick and Carl are all in the car for their run for food and amo. Michonne is driving and they see a hiker by the side of the road. Michonne drives on by not stopping or slowing down for him. Neither Rick not Carl even blink at this. When they come across a car wreck full of bodies Michonne goes to drive round and slows too much getting stuck in the mud. Suddenly walkers are surrounding the car, I say surrounding, but there are only about 6 of them. Rick takes them out then makes a little thingy to get the car out of the mud. Carl wants to know why they have brought Michonne with them and Rick tells him that he didn't want to leave her in the prison with Merle and for now they have similar goals. Hiker guy has caught up a bit with them and shouts for them to wait, but they just get back in the car and go on their way, like the badasses they are! (I am guessing he will show up again later!)

Credits... creepy!

They drive into and abandoned town and start to look around, stopping at the sheriff's office first to look for amo. Oh this is Rick's station. He says that there are only a few other places to check for guns. He knows where as he signed the permits. Rick asks Michonne if she has a problem with that and she says no, but it is pretty awkward. They pass a wall that has "away with you" written on the side and a pile of burned bodies. There are arrows on the ground and it all seems a bit like a game show. Another wall with "No Guilt, you know that" on it and a crazy barrier of stuff on the street with "Turnaround and live" on the ground. I love this place, it is amazing! It looks like something the Lost Boys would have made to keep people and walkers out.

A guy on the roof shoots a walker and tells them to drop their weapons and shoes and leave. Michonne wants to stay and fight so they do. The guy from the fight makes it down to ground level and Carl shoots him in the belly. He is all armoured up, so not dead and when they take off his mask it is the dude from the first episode. There is no chance in hell of me remembering his name until it is said, but this spells trouble for Tyreese.

Rick is weary of booby traps, and I would be too, this is some Goonie level stuff. Carl is watching the unconscious guy and Rick remembered that he had a son. If he has turned out anything like Carl, then beware. This guy is not only a fan of the booby trap, but also loves writing shit on things! There are some interesting traps, spikes under the door mat, a trip wire axe. I absolutely love this place and I think they should all move out of the prison and into this nest of crazy!

Inside his house they find all the weapons they were looking for and then some, also writing everywhere! After Rick takes a long look round to see how crazy this guy is, he then finds the other walkie talkie. He was waiting for a message all along. There is also "Duane Turned" written on the wall. I think that was his son, this is so sad. Rick wants to wait for him to wake up and talk to him before they steal all of his stuff. michonne thinks he is dangerous and that they should leave, but her vote is ignored.

Carl finds a map on one of the chalkboard walls and it has their house marked on it with a note saying "Burned Out". Michonne starts eating his food and when questioned makes a joke - you go Michonne, making a funny! Carl wants to go out and get a crib for Judith and Michonne makes lots of valid points, big box, heavy, and then offers to go with him. Yay Michonne and Carl on an adventure. It could be a series of children's books!

Outside Carl asks Michonne to take care of a walker, and while she is off stabbing it in the eye (and then making the best, disgusted, face at the mess on her sword) Carl runs off like the annoying kid he is, to get to the baby shop! Michonne catches up to him and asks him what he is doing. He want's to do this on his own, since he wants to get Judith a little something special first, so Michonne just follows at a distance, like a bodyguard.

Guy on bed is coming round and has a handy knife hidden under his mattress, good call. He gets up to attack Rick and helpfully I find out his name is Morgan, so I can stop calling him dude! Morgan has gone super crazy and says that people are wearing other people's faces. He then stabs Rick in the shoulder - shizz! Rick aims his gun, but stops when Morgan asks to die.

Morgan remembers who Rick is after a while. Morgan tells him that he turned on the radio every day with his son at dawn waiting for Rick to reply, and then it was just Morgan on his own. Rick tells him that they had to keep moving further and further out of Atlanta and he couldn't help it. Morgan's story of how his son was turned was so sad. Morgan did not kill his wife in the first episode and she found them and ended up getting hold of Duane and biting him and Morgan had to shoot both his wife and his son. Morgan is super bitter about Rick and his son being together. I am sad for him.

Carl is about to enter something that looks like a cafe, when Michonne stops him. They have an argument and it seems like Carl is bitter about Michonne being there spouting off "you can't stop me" Michonne come back with "you can't stop me helping you"! OMG I am so happy right now, these two meddling kids are going to come up with some amazing, walker avoiding, plan, I can just tell! Rats on skateboards!! Brilliant! They distract the walkers long enough for Michonne and Carl to sneak in and steal a picture. They are almost caught by a meddling walker, but Michonne had it all in hand! A RAT! the walkers notice them on the way out because a rat escaped and they get out by the skin of their teeth, but Carl has dropped the picture. DAMN IT CARL. He wants to go back in, but Michonne is awesome, and I think this will secure their friendship forever as she is going back in at the back to get it herself, leaving him waiting out the front holding the door closed!

She comes back with the picture that Carl wants to give to Judith and tells Carl that she wanted to go back in anyway for a crazy-amazing colourful cat statue! This is the best Walking Dead mood lightening comedy duo ever!

I love Michonne's taste in cat statues!

Rick wants Morgan to come back with them and stay at the prison. Morgan is not interested. He realises that if Rick needs all of those guns they are having to fight to keep the prison. Rick wants Morgan to come and have hope that they can live a normal life soon. Morgan wants none of it though, he just wants to die. Rick tries his best to talk him round, but Morgan thinks his purpose is to clear (walkers?) and he stays in his nest of crazy!

Rick, Michonne and Carl all meet up outside and Michonne and Carl have actually found a crib for Judith. Morgan is strapping dead walkers to a gurney, and I kind of want to know what he is going to do with them. Carl tries to apologise to Morgan for shooting him, but Morgan tells him to never be sorry! Life lessons for the apocalypse!

Rick asked if everything was OK with Michonne and Carl tells him that he thinks she "might be one of us". I can't tell you how happy this makes me. The gang is complete! Michonne and Rick chat about all the dead people they see and talk to, and it is quite a nice moment. Rick lets Michonne drive on account of him seeing things that are not there and off they speed. They pass Morgan talking the dead off the gurney and putting them on the burned body pile.

On the way home they pass a dead bloodied body with the hikers pack, oops - well, what could they have done, and they stop to pick up the pack.

next time... a Guv/Rick pow wow looks like it is going to take a turn for the worse, and Glen wants to kill the Guv!

Walker kill of the week - Michonne's disgusted look on her face when she realises she has walker brains on her katana.

Bitch of the week - Carl for trying to run off and do it his way!

I loved this episode. It was full of little bits of humour that we needed to offset Morgan's tragedy. The whole episode to me felt like an indie road movie. Everyone understood each other a little better by the end, and nothing too drastic happened. This is one of my favourite episodes so far, and it came just when I was getting really fed up of all the Woodbury nonsense. Perfect timing.

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