15 July 2011

Google Plus

I have now spent a couple of days playing with Google+ after being sent an invite. If you can cast your mind back to the dark ages of Facebook when you had your friends (before you started adding people you have just randomly met on a night out) and it was all clean and fresh, well that's what Google+ looks like at the moment.

My particular favorite feature is the circles. If you wanted to post a status updated that only a select number of people could see then the logistics of this are quite complex on Facebook, the people you want to see it have to be in a group and then you have to set the posting settings for each post so that only they can see it. Well with Google+ your contacts get split into circles of friends, acquaintances, etc... and for each post you quickly select who you want to see it. No more will my mother read drunken status updates!!

Anyway if anyone thinks that they might like an invite, it is still at invite only stage, send me an email and I will shoot you one out! My email address is in the contact me box on the left!

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